Friday, April 04, 2008

A Day At The Zoo

There is a zoo about an hour away from us. I am drawing a blank on the name. It's about 15-20 minutes past the Port so it's a nice drive to see the coast. If someone reads this and knows the name, please leave it in the comments. The park has a zoo and a water park, as well as some small cabins for rent. I think the owners are Jewish. reason one, because I saw a few passages from the old testament painted on murals and secondly, because the zoo is closed on Saturdays. I'm thinking this is in observance of the sabbath which according to the old testament and Jewish law it would be considered a sin to work on the day of the Lord.

The zoo seems to be well kept. The animals look like they are fed well, not under stress and the cages are clean. The only complaint that I would have, and this is true of so many places in Honduras, is that they do not maintain their bathrooms very well. With a lot of traffic, bathrooms really needs to have better attention.

There are many different kinds of trees and plants on the grounds and they put signs stating the type of tree/flower/plant it is. One such tree had me smelling the air it was so fragrant and really quite beautiful. It was a pepper tree which I think was this. The sign read, if I remember correctly, "pimenta grande".

All in all it was a great day. I tried to take lots of photos to show what types of animals they had but as always, I look back and think I should have taken more. This was our second time to the zoo and it didn't disappoint. I hope you enjoy the show I made. I wish I would have had more space on my digital camera for more footage of Brother chasing the birds. He really enjoyed running after those poor things.


Leonel said...

That's Parque Ecológico Infantil San Ignacio in Masca, Cortés:

Honduras Sprout said...

Talk about fast response. Thanks Leonel! I was hoping someone would know the name of the place and thanks for the link on the park too!

Leonel said...

Hey no problem, really enjoy reading your blog, found it in La Gringa's blogicito's comments.

BTW, I think you should erase that comment from Dumuro, its spam.

A salute from San Pedro Sula, well you live in San Pedro so your basically a fellow honorary sampedrana!


Honduras Sprout said...

A reader just informed me that the San Ignacio park is owned by Seventh-day Adventist. This is a Christian denomination that recognizes Saturday at the sabbath.
Thanks for the info!

Grandma Sprout said...

That boy can run the distance! :) No way a grandma would catch him! Good job putting together the show!

Joanna said...

I finally was able to view the video. My computer didn't want to cooperate. Brother cracks me up! The zoo looks like a nice place