Thursday, April 10, 2008

Perfect Ice Cubes

I get so sick of dealing with cracking ice cubes out of the ice trays. They are a pain. Even if I get them loose, they don't always pop out without some tricky prying. An-NOY-ing. Then there is all the dripping when filling them up and the shards of ice that splatter when you try to crack them out. Everything about ice cube trays was getting to me so I came up with my own way to make my own kind of ice cubes to cool off the drinks. Maybe this isn't new, but it was something that I didn't see anyone else do and it works so it's new to me. Have you heard it's hot here in Honduras? Oh yeah. We're in the heat of the summer now here. Ice tea is once again my favorite beverage of choice and you must drink ice tea very cold with lots of ice - right?

First, let me say that the clear glass in the picture is plastic. The ceramic tile floors claimed all our other glass glasses. Remember this if you think you might move to Honduras. My mother brought me these wonderful plastic glasses from Target (*sniff sniff* - I miss that store) on her trip to visit us. Love 'em!

Here is what I do:

1. Fill plastic cup about 1/2 way full of water and let freeze.
2. Run plastic cup with frozen water under tap to release and remove the big ol' ice cube.
3. Plop into cup and fill with beverage of choice. Voila!

I would just like to say, this also help keep my (almost) 3 year old son from trying to put the ice cubes in his mouth to chew. Very dangerous since he could choke on an ice cube and I hate trying to crush the ice too.

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Jennifer said...

you know, that seems like such a DUH thing to do, but I have never thought of that, and that makes so much sense. That may be something that I am going to do.

Oh yeah, plastic cups - I bought a bunch at walmart the other day, to take down there.