Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mixed Green Salad

This green find made this mama very happy. There are pros to living in the city. There are big grocery stores with a lot more variety. I must have looked like someone that just found lost treasure when I saw this sitting on the shelves at the grocery store. My eyes bugged out & my mouth turned a smile. The office that I used to work in had a cafeteria and a really good salad bar to get all the greens and veggies I wanted. I have been missing those salads. Spinach grows in Honduras too, but it's a little different than what you find in the states. Still pretty good, except I think it would be better for cooking than in salads. Anyway, I picked up these greens and a bag of spinach and we had very good salads for a few days.

Although Honduras has a lot of good soil and the right climate to grow a greater variety of good foods to distribute, because of lack of resource and infrastructure to properly package and distribute there are a lot of missed opportunities, I think. But there is a growing amount of smaller "green" farms that I've heard about and Greenhouse Harvest was on of them that helped give me my yummy salad.


Jennifer said...

That is something I have heard about food in Honduras. No veggies, or not very many anyway. My husband took a bunch of seeds back with him, I haven't asked him if anything has grown or not yet. He also took a ton of flowers that he planted, LOL.

Its great that you found some salad though.

Trish said...

Oh, I'm jealous! We have a fairly good variety of verduras, fresh and inexpensive, but only iceburg lettuce. I've just found out, though, that we can get a few other varieties of lettuce in Santa Rosa de Copan, on Thursdays, and my son is going there tomorrow, so maybe I can snag some! I'm ever hopeful!

Meanwhile, I'll munch my iceburg . . .with nice radishes and cucumbers and tomatoes and green peppers, and . . .

Aaron Ortiz said...

Good thing they have the warning: "wash them before enjoying".

La Gringa said...

We occasionally get some packaged baby lettuce that comes from Roatan. You are right! It is like finding treasure!

Honduras Sprout said...

Jennifer ~ there are LOTS of veggies here. Just not the green salad kind. There are things at the grocery I don't even know what they are. I think Honduras can't package and ship a lot of them to rural communities or outside the country.

Trish~ I hope you were able to get that green treat!

Aaron~ I know. Good instructions. Honestly though, the greens were super clean. The spinach on the other hand. I washed every leaf.

LG~ I hope that my regular grocery store continues to stock the mixed greens. We really enjoy them.