Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Preparations For Felix

I don't know what I am doing as far as preparing for hurricane Felix. I have been checking the National Hurricane Center
about once an hour. Looking to see if things have changed. Papa and I went to the grocery store this afternoon to stock up on some things. I don't know if we are under preparing because everyone looked like they had their shopping carts full and some overflowing! I was peering into other carts to see what kind of things people were buying. We have an electric stove and no microwave so I was trying to buy foods that we could eat without cooking and avoid foods that would spoil in the fridge. People seemed for the most part to be buying their regular groceries. Just everyone at the same time in large quantities. We filled up the car with gas tonight. I did a load of laundry and now I'm baking some bars to have as treats if we are stuck in the house for a day or two.

We went to buy water from one of the stores in our colonia. That store was sold out already. We did find some at another. We only bought 2 jugs which is our normal amount we go through in a few days...now I'm thinking I might buy a few more. Papa thought maybe we should fill the pila with water if needed for flushing or washing and those kinds of things. We have well water and it doesn't seem to be connected to electricity that I can tell. We've lost power and still had water and also lost water, but still had power. I'll be happy if we don't lose either.

Sister was at her tutor's house tonight. Her house is on lower ground. She said she was really nervous but hoping for the best. We live close to each other, but on two sides of the river. We are on higher ground, while her home is lower. All along the river are people that live in shacks. There is potential that the river will rise and then who knows what will happen to those people.

As it is right now the storm has went from a Cat 5 to a Cat 4 since this morning. That's good that Felix is losing strength. Hopefully it will not gain again before it hits land. It is a little frustrating because I can't understand the local news and weather stations since they are all in spanish. I found out from Sister's tutor that all the schools in Honduras have been canceled for tomorrow. Papa didn't turn on the news to verify so we'll just have to hope she was right.

Tomorrow Papa's job is to go out and buy caulk for the windows and batteries. (dang it, we forgot the batteries while we were out). The windows leak if the rains are heavy with strong winds. I'm also going to go around outside to collect things that could blow away and bring the plants inside for a little protection since they are still babies in pots.

Papa is from Honduras but has never been in a hurricane. He missed Hurricane Mitch because he had moved to the US. We are pretty much two hurricane clueless people living in Honduras and about to get hit with a pretty good size one. I don't think Honduras will get out of this one the way it did with Dean. But then again...you never know.

I'll see if I can post tomorrow and maybe catch a few photos.

A little prayer:

Father in heaven, Your will be done. Be with us. Amen.


Megan said...

I have been thinking of you and your family over there. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with you. Daniel was in Hurricane Mitch and is also very worried about this one. He is evacuating to a hotel I think tonight. He told me that there will probably be a lot of flooding b/c Tegus is in a bowl. I pray that Honduras gets minimal damage and that there are no injuries or deaths. This is just AWFUL.

I will pray with you also: Father in heaven please watch over my friend and my husband and family and give them strength to be safe and not in harm's way. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Be careful Michelle! Be safe! :)

Anonymous said...

Tell everyone to go outside and all blow in the same direction to deflect it. A little arm flapping might not hurt either. Seriously, I really do hope that there is no damage and really minimal to no interference with your daily life. Keep us updated. We're thinking of you.
Suzy & fam

Joanna said...

I've been keeping my eye on it too. Are you nervous? Do you get the same feeling as when a tornado is coming, or does it feel different? I hope you guys get lucky and don't get hit hard.

La Gringa said...

We have more things in common: El Jefe was in Europe during Hurricane Mitch and I've never been anywhere near one. And, we have leaking windows, too. I think that is the only kind there is in Honduras. ;-(

Honduras Sprout said...

Thanks Megan- So far so good here. Has Daniel decided to stay home?

Suzy- that's funny! Looks like there is not much to post and hopefully it will continue to be that way.

Jo- Sister Sprout kind of reacted like that. As soon as it started to rain, she kind of freaked out like something was about to happen. I think it's her tornado training and probably that horrible storm we made it through in the car back in MN. Now that was like a hurricane!

LG- If the winds stay quiet, we should be spared leaking windows. Man, I hope I wake up and hear that everything just fizzled and the rivers are fine.