Monday, August 27, 2007

Little Boy Mocking Bird

Brother this morning starting saying a word he's been hearing a lot lately.


Melinda, a girl we have come clean was at the house this morning. Brother walked into the room where she was and clear as a bell said "Hola". At first we thought it was so cute, but then he didn't stop. It was like listening to a talking bird who wouldn't shut-up. I realized he thought Melinda's name was "hola" so I tried to tell him her name and he even repeated back to me as a question in 2 year old speak, "ey-inda?". I assured him her name was indeed Melinda and then he said, "no - hola".

I tried to get a good video, but it was when I walked out of the room that he would start to squawk loudly.


Anonymous said...

OK, that's cute!! He's going to be giving you and Sister Sprout Spanish lessons pretty soon...hee hee! Your house looks beautiful - it's too bad we didn't get to see it while we were there. I could have gotten some ideas for the house we're going to build!!!

Joanna said...

Ok, my first thought was Bryan SPOILS you! You get a cleaning lady??? NO FAIR! Lucky!

He is such a cutie ♥ ♥. He will be teaching you guys spanish before you know it.

Megan said...

How adorable he is! Your house truly does look beautiful! :)

Daniel said...

Yeah kids are fun...I have a 2 yaear old nephew that calls my wife Tortuga (turtle) and calls me Tia (aunt)...and everytime he sees our backs he cries out pajaro!!! (bird) because we both have quetzals tattooed on our backs.....tons of fun, cant wait to get my own little rascals yelling out all kinds of nonsense