Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Little Soaking

Well, Mr. Felix, you were a lot of talk.

Last night as we were getting into bed the power went out for a few minutes. It would go off and on throughout the night and the rain was coming down for pretty much the entire night. Sometimes light and sometimes heavy. Morning was overcast with moments of light drizzle or rain. Around noon the sun started coming out. Things are wet, but nothing here to report.

I didn't know that school was canceled again today so we packed up and took off to school as usual. I guess the president made another call to cancel schools all over Honduras. We made it almost to the school and I realized that there were no cars going down the road to the school when it usually is very busy. I turned around. We stopped on the way back and I caught this video of the river. It has risen, but not high enough to cause problems for the people living close by.


Megan said...

Yes, he WAS all talk and no show wasn't he? I'm thankful though, Gracias a Dios that there wasn't any bad bad weather! I've been praying so much and you have definitely been in my thoughts.

Daniel has called me twice and we have also talked online twice. So I'm glad to see that the cybers are open and there is power.

I was waiting for a post from you and SO glad that I got it. That means all is okay! :)

Joanna said...

The river looks pretty fast! wouldn't want to get swept away in that! I'm glad it just turned out to be alot of rain and nothing worse. Get those plants back out to catch the rain.

Megan said...

Yes they did get a little bit more rain, but nothing major. Only a little flooding in the backyard of his aunt's house.

I am glad that you and your family are okay! :)