Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Final Week is Here

As of this post I have 8 days left before I get on a plane. I'm surprisingly calm.

Last Days At Work

My last day of work was Friday, June 1st. It was a nice last day. When the announcement went out that I would be leaving the company with the stock "to pursue other interests" the questions started to come in from people that I had gotten to know, but that I didn't work with on a daily basis. It was nice to know that people had enough interest to ask and wish me well.

I went out to lunch with two really neat people I've gotten to know over the years at the big box headquarters. They are two people I am glad I had the chance to know and if you read this - thanks for sharing my last day with me!

My team took me out to lunch a few days before I left. My choice. I chose Thai food of all places. A restaurant called Sawatdee. I figure my options for good Thai food in Honduras will be slim to none. My favorite there are the fresh spring rolls. I've had spring rolls at other restaurants, but Sawatdee has every one's I've tried beat. I think it's the sauce because the other ingredients are basic and unseasoned.

I find that I am loading up on things I won't get as easily once I move like green tea soy lattes. You think they sell soy milk in Honduras? I'm curious to see what kinds of foods I'll end up missing the most.

Also - have you tried the McDonald's Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad? I can't remember the last time I took myself or my kids to McD's, but the salad sounded good on the commercial and it reeled me in. I've been back about 4 times in the last month to get the salad. I wonder if they will have this on the McD's menu in Honduras? And if they do, do I dare try it?

Going Away Party

Saturday June 2nd was the going away party. It was a wonderful day. My girlfriends really put on a great party. Many family and friends came and there were also a lot of no-shows who said they would come and didn't. I felt sad about that for a little bit, but I know how it is when it comes to a MN summer and events. You just get more selective about what you choose to do with those precious few weeks while you can be outdoors. Regardless I felt the day turned out well and I was happy to see those who came. The love and support means a lot to me and I hope the family and friends who read this know how much it meant to me that you were there. I didn't get to have a "normal" wedding and so my awesome girlfriends felt this was a way to make up for my lack of marriage hoo-rah and mentioned in the invite about our low-key wedding and the fact of us being re-united. Sort of as a way to formalize that me and Papa were going to be living as man and wife with nothing between us 'til death do us part. I didn't realize how much I would appreciate it when I received "wedding" cards at the party.

We took lots of photos at the party and many of family. Here's a pic of my fam. Don't I have beautiful sisters? We couldn't manage to gather all the kids to be in the picture but I think this is nice just us. I think my mom is crying in most of the photos. And honestly, I kept tearing up a lot throughout the day too. Usually out of no where. How can I be happy and sad at the same time? It's a weird combination of emotions and it's like one minute I'm laughing, smiling and talking away and I turn my head and suddenly my voice cracks and there are tears in my eyes.

Am I Ready To Go?

So what else have I been doing with all my time since I left work? Obviously I have not had a lot of time to post here. I've neglected all my usual internet reading sites. Honestly it's hard getting used to my computer at home being my only source of connection. My computer at work was lightening fast, so this is taking some getting used to and well...I was always at my computer at work so felt connected all the time. Now I'm running around most of the day chasing after Brother Sprout and getting ready to hop on that plane.

The first week off flew by. I brought Sister Sprout to school every morning and usually found something I needed to take care of and kept busy and before I knew it I would be rushing back to pick her up from school. So far I've gotten a lot packed, donated 4 more boxes of clothes, cleaned and detailed my car and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with a close girlfriend and her 9 month old son, Ben.

He is the cutest little guy. I didn't know I would love my friend's kids as much as I do. Gosh I'm going to miss watching them grow up, but you know...I think I'll really miss being mommies with my girlfriends. I was the only one out of my girlfriends with a kid for a long time and now to see them as mothers, I feel like we relate on a whole new level.

As I mentioned above, I detailed my car myself to put it up for sale. Tomorrow someone is probably going to come buy my car. Thank God for Craigslist. I posted on Friday and got a call a 1/2 hour later. They came and looked at it that evening and put a deposit down. I also don't have a bed anymore. Sold that too. At least I don't have a bed in the United States. I think I have to sleep on the couch tonight.

What's Papa Doing?

Papa has been super busy getting everything ready for us to move into our little home as well as keeping up with his business 6 days a week. It sounds like it is a nice home and has a lot of potential. He had to move out of his small 1 bedroom furnished apartment to a large 3 bedroom unfurnished home that is essentially empty. Papa had to go out and buy the beds and a washer and a fridge and a stove. Our car is in the shop and is supposed to be ready this week. Hopefully we won't have to wait for that. Now we'll have work on all the little things you need in a house that make it a "home".

Not sure if I will get a chance to post again before we move, so if I don't this post was long enough to make up for the lack of one.

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Suzy said...

All right. Here you go. Of course you're calm and not nervous. There's the potential to drive yourself crazy, but you won't. Now all you can do is gaze forward...confident. Take those two sprouts by the arm and walk on ahead. It's okay if you're in an absent-minded fog as you finish packing, say 'temporary' goodbyes, get on the plane. And it's okay if you feel calculated and down-to-business and very specific about what you're doing and what's happening. The beautiful part is that it's your story and no one else's. Every reaction that you have: worry, easiness, fear, assuredness, doubt, own all of it. All of your emotions belong to you. Whichever one you're feeling, it's going to be the correct one to be feeling at that very moment. Remember that there are things you have control over and things you don't. Let your reactions be what they are. Your emotions are not you. They're part of you, they belong to you, but they are not you. They run through you like a river. Sometimes the current feels like it could knock you over, but it won't. You will go on being you, and your emotions-your feelings-your reacions will go on doing what they always do. Ebbing and flowing, rising and falling, giving you sharp pains and giving you calm. They are what they are. "OK sadness, there you are. I see you. I feel you. Just as you are moving through me right now, you won't be there forever. Watch out sadness, other emotions will quickly come to replace you. Just because I feel sadness I have not become sadness. I am still me.."
We'll be seeing each other in August. Make sure you keep in contact with e-mail: and let me know what I can bring for you. Love you.