Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sister Last Day of 3rd Grade

Sister's 3rd grade class invited family to come to a party for the last few hours on the the last day of school. While we were there they had a show-and-tell. Sister brought in a chunk of fools gold. One little girl brought in her pet guinea pig. They passed out treats and awards were handed out to each of the students for various things such as "inquirer" or "comedian". Of course Sister got the "traveler" award. Then they watched a photo slide show set to music from fun events during the year.

One of the very last things they did was to get up in front of the class and say something about their year at school if they wanted to. It was really cute to hear the things the kids would say. Some got up there then ended up standing there with a blank look on their face. Other's sang or did a little dance and said something silly. At the very end Mrs. Stewart said a farewell and then started to cry. It made me have tears too. She said she always gets a little sad saying goodbye to her classes. But then I was thinking...maybe it's crying because the year has ended and she gets her much needed break. I give her a lot of credit or any teacher for that matter. I was exhausted watching her have to deal with the class in just a few hours.

After school got out we went swimming to celebrate! Brother and Sister really enjoyed themselves. It was a good last day of school.

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