Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wear Deet- Beware of biting flies

It looks as if I was the blood meal for some happy mommy sand fly. I can't imagine you all want to look at my feet, but too late. This is day 9 of these little bites. Not really itching anymore, but still there nice and red. I have about seven on one foot and three on the other foot.
One night Papa and I sat out on the open patio enjoying a cocktail while the kids slumbered upstairs in their beds in an ocean front hotel in Tela. After the sun sets is when you are the most susceptible to bites. I noticed as we were sitting down at our table that underneath was burning some incense type bug repellent. I didn't think much of it. Just glad it was there. The restaurant obviously knew these flies enjoy feet. The sand was about 10 feet away from where we were sitting.
So why did I get the bites and not Papa you might ask. I guess some people can be natural repellents. Maybe they have stinky blood? Maybe Papa put on the repellent like a good boy and I didn't. But from here on out, if I'm near sand and the sun is setting I will have at least 30% deet on and remember you should too if your ever in the tropics and near sand because these sand flies can also potentially carry some pretty yucky infectious stuff.

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