Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Defending Honduras

I am getting many questions on how all the political issues going on in Honduras will effect our return to Honduras. The short answer is...I'm going to wait a few days and see how things look before I book the flights.

There has been lots to read about what is going on. Its hard to decipher fact from fiction, but it seems that the real facts are now starting to be acknowledged and understood. I'm hoping the white house will begin to acknowledge this too as the facts come out.


La Gringa said...

Courtney, when you first asked, I was thinking of saying that things are calm in San Pedro -- according to the newspaper. However, based on the actions of the past hour, I think that I would wait a week or so at least to see what happens. We are seeing pro-Zelaya supporters blocking the bridge (to San Pedro) here in La Ceiba. The pro-Z protesters in Tegus have been violent, throwing rocks at the soldiers and hitting them with sticks. It could get ugly if the two groups of protesters start fighting. You know I'm probably over-cautious, but with a baby and small child....I think you are wise to stay for the time being and see what happens.

Aaron Ortiz said...

Mrs Sprout, I'd like to ask you a huge favor...I've been asking this of all the US citizens whose blogs I read.

Could you please email President Obama, and your congresspeople and tell them what you think and how you feel about the situation in Honduras.

It would help enormously if they could hear the truth, with so much misinformation.