Friday, June 19, 2009

24 Sprouts Summer Fun Photos

I am working on keeping the kids off the computer and the TV -or at least regulate it much more that I have been. I hate to admit it, but I've been so laissez-faire in managing the amount of media time the kids get. It's not like I can change things over night. I need to work into it a little and give the kids plenty of things to keep their brains and bodies busy. Games, puzzles, trips to the library, garage saling (of course), pizza and game nights, sleep overs, bike rides, walks, crafts, reading, etc, etc, etc.

Here are some photos of some things fun we've done recently not involving tv or computers:

It was somebody's birthday!

Sister's new favorite. Playing with the cell phone. Pictures, games and the most annoying - text messaging! Sitting next to her younger, influential cousin. (this is on the regulation list now, btw)

Her favorite subject to photo. Herself looking oh-so-haute!

Volleyball with the sibs and kids

Spending time with family. With my younger sis.

We took a day up to the North Shore! We just had to skip some smooth lake stones in Lake Superior.
Her viking pose
Baby had a nice nap on our lake stroll

Making our homemade Oreo cookies. They were actually really good!

Enjoying a push-up ice-cream treat with a friend on the backyard swings

Baby enjoying her first taste of watermelon

An afternoon at the zoo's fun park with friends

Getting some driver's training in early. At Como Zoo fun park.

End of the year school dance. Sister and some of her friends.

Sitting outside having snack time with a little buddy

Snack time with some bananas. Her favorite so far.

A beautiful day for a wedding

Out with a few of my BFF's for some girl time over a cocktail

His cool spiderman rollerskates

Setting his stick boat sailing (mama made). He was going to float it down the creek...but at the last minute decided he did not want his boat to float away permanently so filled his boots up with water fetching it.

Fun at the beach

Summer is here!


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Good times! Sister is looking so grown up! Brother looks like he is loving his adventures. Baby is oh-so-cute! Glad to see a post. Been wondering what you all have been up to. You head back to HN pretty soon, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been having a lot of fun!

aighmeigh said...

What a gorgeous family you have!! Such wonderful pictures--so many smiles. Thank you for spreading the joy! :)