Monday, March 09, 2009

Mi Pobresita

It has been a little while since I last posted. It seems that my time these days is quite a bit more divided and blogging takes time and brain power that I just don't have much of. Have you heard about the "mommy brain" syndrome. Yeah...I have that. Big time. I can't seem to finish something I start without some serious effort and it might take me all day to accomplish. I forget what I'm talking about mid sentence on a super frequent basis. Oh! Is is time for dinner already? Oops, I forgot to get dressed today. That is how I work. I am not your type A personality mommy....unfortunately.

But, I will tell you that my life and my brain took a big hit a few weeks ago and it has set off a chain of events that is leading me and the kids back to the states sooner than expected. A few weeks ago we discovered a lump in Baby's throat. Right about where you would find the Adam' apple. It was a little concerning, but at first Papa and I dismissed it as just her throat. She has such a big (cute) double chin it was hard to figure where her throat might be. But when we leaned her back and tilted her head, there is was...a lump. Suddenly, my whole body became tingly and my breathing a tad labored and I just had to bring her back to the doctor - even though she had just been seen for her two month visit. I made it to the next day and got her in to see the doctor. From there things became a little blurry and this poor mama was kind of an emotional wreck for a few days roller-coastering from freak-out to calm. But I've calmed down quite a bit now so can tell you what is going on with a clear head.

Baby has something that is called a Thyroglossal Duct Cyst and it's the most common congenital cysts in the neck. They are cystic dilations of epithelial remnants of the thyroglossal duct tract. Did you follow that? It's basically something that happens when the throat is developing as a tiny embreyo only weeks old. These cysts need to be removed surgically and also require some investigation to make sure the thyroids aren't effected and that the cyst is indeed non-cancerous (rare to be) and all parts of the cyst are removed. Baby had an ultrasound the day after we found out what the problem was, and the cyst in her throat is about an inch wide, but far enough away from her trachea and her thyroids look normal on the ultrasound.

So even though it's a non-life threatening problem, we felt because of the delicate nature of the surgury and the young age of our little one, we feel most comfortable having her treated in the states. In order for Baby to be able to travel, she needed a passport. We had been in the process of getting this already, but in order to gets things ASAP we called the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. A last minute trip to the capital was planned and off we went. We left Wednesday night, had a meeting Thursday morning at the embassy and we were able to pick up Baby's passport Friday morning on our way out of town back to San Pedro Sula. I realize how grateful I am there is a US embassy and that I am a US Citizen.

The kids and I will be flying this Thursday back to MN. Baby has a doctor appointment on Friday morning. Hopefully we will be getting Baby all fixed up very soon.

Now I'm off to pack some more and maybe bake a banana bread for Papa to enjoy.


Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Yikes! You have had a lot of craziness going on! I'm glad that it was able to be diagnosed, and that you were able to get all the necessary paperwork! Your family will be in my prayers.

Cindy in California said...

Thank you for the update. Your family will be in my prayers as you travel, are separated from Papa Sprout, are re-united with Sister Sprout, and as Baby Sprout has her surgery. Lots going on in the Sprout Family! I'm glad you were able to get the passport, appointments in Minnesota and will be able to put this behind you soon.

I hope you will be able to keep us posted along the way.

Laurie said...

Best wishes, Mama Sprout. I am sorry I was not available to help you in Tegu but God provided!

Olancho Bound Gringa said...

We will keep you & that gorgeous baby in our prayers. I know the trip will be interesting with 2 little ones in tow. Hope you all have a peaceful trip home. I'm sure your daughter can't wait to see her siblings & Mom. Thoughts will be with you all! Hope to hear soon how everything goes.


Crystal said...

I will be praying for you all. She is soooo adorable. I am glad that they are going to hurry and see her instead of waiting. I will be thinking about you all.

Canexicana said...

Pobrecita! Poor little thing. Take good care...everything will be fine.

aighmeigh said...

I know that health issues with kiddos is so unnerving, so I am very glad you have a clear idea of what needs to happen with that beautiful baby of yours. You and the rest of the Sprouts will be in my thoughts and prayers! Please keep us updated.