Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello Minneasota - I brought you some warm weather

We are having a heat wave in MN. I think it's up to 50 or so. You should see it. People walking around in shorts and flip-flops. I even saw a teenager with shorts, flip-flops and a tank top walking around outside! In Honduras you will see people breaking out hats and winter coats if it gets down to 70 degrees. Sister is even anxious to break out her summer clothes.

Being a mommy to three is not something that I'm used to. Juggling the needs of three kids is tricky learning overnight. It would be one thing if it started from birth, but I'm sort of jumping into this when Baby is 3 months old in my home away from home too- you know. The flights coming to MN were normal and the kids were fine. I was happy to fly on a newer Delta international plane from San Pedro Sula to Atlanta because it had tv screens on the backs of each seat. Brother could pick from some kid movies or cable tv channels too once we were close enough to the states. This made up for the fact that Delta is no longer offering in-flight meals.

We had a two hour lay over in Atlanta, but we barely had a moment to spare. Of course I am slowed down by two little children, 3 carry-ons, a purse, a car seat and a stroller. Trying to schlep all this through airports was not the best on my back. I needed help moving my luggage through immigration from the airport staff. The woman that helped me was not the nicest of people and barely helpful. I was flagged upon entering the US for the first time and had to have all my luggage re-scanned and one of them opened. There was a lot of schlepping going on and that airport helper person watched me do a lot of the work. When I got to the other side she put my luggage on the conveyor and turns to tell me in a rather monotone, unfriendly voice, "we accept tips". Sorry honey, your base pay is all you are making this time. I forgot and didn't have tip money anyway. I actually ran into a number of other rude airport staff along the way. I have had really nice friendly experiences before and all these rude people surprised me this trip through the huge Atlanta airport.

Brother had a small melt down on the second plane to MN because he missed his papi. I think a combination of all the excitement and then it being bedtime made him feel very emotional. He cried and cried in my arm. It broke my heart. I got him to calm down by drawing a picture of papi on a piece of paper. I tried to make it as close to what papi would look like as possible, including drawing in papi's whiskers. Brother held onto that picture the rest of the way. A funny thing - tonight Brother was drawing on the chalkboard a picture of papi - whiskers and all. So cute. Baby did really good on the flights too. She just nursed to her hearts content and she was happy with that. Well...both kids were kind of cranky on the decent of both flights, but that was manageable.

Once all the luggage was packed into my dad's car and I had baby buckled into her carseat I sat down in the front seat and in that moment that my butt hit the seat a searing pain in the back of my shoulder started that ran up my neck and down my arm and into the middle of my back. It took three days of constant ibuprofen for the pain to calm down and I still am taking it easy on using that arm.

Baby saw the doctor and the surgeon already and she is scheduled for surgery on April 3rd. Everything looks normal as far as that is concerned. I've also been making appointments for the dentist and doctor too for the kids and I. So now, I'm trying to figure out what I should be doing with my time while I'm here. It feels like such a long, long time that I'll be here when I think about it. I know I need to work and this can be an opportunity for my husband to focus on work too. But I miss my husband and strangely...I think I could miss Honduras too. I'm surprised.


Brandy said...

Wow Courtney, sounds like you had an adventure in those airports! I'm glad you and the kids made it there safely and everything went okay. I hope your arm is okay too. That sounds like scary pain. Good luck with Baby's surgery in April. I don't know you but I too am surprised that you could miss Honduras. Just by reading all your posts and blogs, I wouldn't have thought that, especially so soon anyways! :)

Ginger said...

im so glad to hear you all made it okay! and my prayers are with you and your bebita! how long will you be in the states

Hannah said...

Glad to hear you guys made it safely! I've been thinking about you guys and Baby too. :)

Isn't it strange how you miss this place when you go back?? I spend so much time complaining here that it doesn't seem possible. But I guess it is! :)

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

I'm so sorry you had such bad experiences with airport staff. I hope your shoulder feels better now. Would you say there are specific things you miss about Honduras, or just being "home" with your hubby?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mama Sprout!
Happy to hear you made it safe & sound. Hope you are feeling better soon & can enjoy your time here. How long are you staying?

I have an idea for you. When my oldest son was little & would go see his father on the weekends, he would really miss me. So, I took a few picture of me & him & then laminated them so he could carry them around all the time - & he did. Even my little loves to carry around a key chain we had made in Florida with a picture of the 4 of us. Maybe that could help in future visits, or even when you go back - have some pics of grandparents & sister.

Many prayers being sent for your tiny Sprout!


Crystal said...

I know it must be different being back in the US, it seems like you have been in Honduras sooo long. I am glad baby is okay. Have you talked to Papa? I know he is lonesome. I can imagine brother crying, my daughter still cries for her dad and it has been almost 1 year since we last saw him before he was deported. That is the hardest part.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people would like to know how to live in a 3rd world country and still be able to utilize US hospitals/doctor's care for treatment when the situation arises. That would be a great post.

Honduras Sprout said...

Anon - There is international health insurance. It's available to those who do not live in the US full time. I can't remember the exact number of months you have to live outside the US per year. Maybe it's worth a post. There is a number of companies out there, easy to find on the internet.