Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yard Work

We live in a different house now from the house we lived in last year. The exterior of the house is really nothing to brag about and the lawn had pretty much been taken over by weed grass. Overall the curb appeal was awful and it was plain ugly. Just outside the front door was a lot of dirt, sand and rocks and it ended up in the house. Papa decided that we needed to give the house a little more curb appeal and to help keep the dirt and sand outside rather than in the house. He reasoned with the home owner and came up with a deal that she would pay half the expense if we could have the work done. It's not that expensive to have concrete work done. Papa is having some of the front yard worked on too and already the curb appeal has gone way up. I also am liking less dirt in the house.

We had a sidewalk paved up the front yard and around the side of the house. Mixing concrete is very often done by hand and mixed in not very conventional places. Like in the street. I snuck a few photos of our concrete mixer through the window.

I thought I'd sneak in a few photos of the Sprouts here too....

Baby Sprout - photo taken by webcam so it's not good quality.

Sister Sprout - on her way to school on a -20 degree morning back in MN.

Brother Sprout - On a trip to the park. This is his new favorite t-shirt. He loves the dragon and asks to wear it everyday.

He falls asleep like this watching tv.

...and sometimes like this even.


Enamorada de un HondureƱo said...

Thats great that yall were able to get some yard work done~ You children are very cute and your baby is getting more and more adorable in each photo. Take care!

Ginger said...

wow looks good! looks like a nice neighborhood would you mind sharing how much a house like yours or in your neighborhood would cost if someone was looking to buy? and even how much rent is??

It is I said...

I love the pictures - especially the one of sister sprout. I know its hard for you to be so far away from her.

Everyone is getting so big. Brother Sprout reminds me alot of Johan - how he sits/sleeps on the couch, LOL.

I have somethin for you on my blog when you et a moment stop by and check it out.

Honduras Sprout said...

Olivia - thx! I need to get more photos already. Babies change so much so fast. She's smiling more now and it's so cute!

Ginger- the residential here is nice enough. The homes prices have gone up a lot here I'm told in the past few years, but the real estate market is in a slump too with trickle effect from the USA so prices have been at a stand still for a little while. The home that we were renting for 7,000 lempiras 6 months ago and was put up for sale was sold for 2 million lempiras. It was a double lot. A single lot home might go for L1.5 million. But there are some homes here that could go for as much as 5 million. Our rent...well, we got it for a bargain price of 4,000 Lmps/month. That is pretty good for our area, but the house...well, it has issues so I guess you get what you pay for.

Thanks Jen!

Ginger said...

thanks mama sprout great insight...i had no idea that homes there were going for those prices!