Friday, January 30, 2009

Would you like a scone with that strawberry?

We picked up a big package of strawberries a few days ago at the more expensive grocery store in town called Los Andes. They have more hard to find items and imported types of foods. I sent Papa over there in search for some bread flour to use with my new (used) bread machine my friend gave me. (Thanks Joy!) Papa picked up some all purpose flour not remembering why I needed "bread flour" when I had explained to him that bread flour has more gluten and makes better bread in the bread machine. Doh! So I have an abundance of all purpose flour and a bunch of strawberries. So like the saying, "when life gives you lemons...."

I made strawberry scones! Yum! I think the baking bug is starting to come back for me.

The strawberries Papa bought were not Honduran like we usually buy. These were imported from Guatamala and boy are they huge. Really big and nicely colored. Usually it's a mixed bag when we buy the Honduran kind and can be half molding already and they are about half the size too. The Honduran strawberries cost us about $1.30 but these really big, pretty ones from Guatamala were about $5! Papa didn't realize their cost until he was paying for them. Brother just had strawberries and yogurt this morning for snack. I really like these. Great treat!

Speaking of yogurt...notice anything wrong with this yogurt container?


Honduras Sprout said...

I should post this blog post where I found the recipe too. It looks like a really nice blog and I might be heading back over there for recipes.

(sorry, I forgot how to insert links properly. You'll have to copy/paste if you want to visit the site)

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Looks yummy! Do you have a place you could plant some strawberries? Maybe you could grow some good ones.

Anonymous said...

Yum! I love scones!

I'm thinking maybe the yogurt container is on purpose. A lot of people say if you store containers of dairy products, yogurt, sour cream, etc., upside down (or lid down), it kinda seals the container and the product lasts longer. So...maybe they actually made this so that when it is stored lid down, you can still read what it says. just an idea...

Ranty said...


By the way, I'm headed to La Ceiba on the 17th of Feb. I only have a layover in SPS, but if there's anything you'd like me to bring from MN (especially if you can pick it up at the airport :-) just let me know!!!

Hope you are well, and congratulations on the new sprout. :-)

Crystal said...

Hi there.
I have just found your blog as of recent. I love it! You are such a wonderful momma and I love reading your updates.

I have given you a blog award that is posted on my blog. Please accept it in new friendship.

Best Wishes~