Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sister's Winter Wish

I love it when my family sends me photos of everyday things of Sister. Here she is going off to school. Last year her and I used to talk about how we missed winter and what it felt like. Sometimes when I would tuck her in we would try to pretend that it was cold and the heat was on and we needed to cuddle into the covers to warm up. It would work for maybe a second or two. It was still fun to daydream about with her.

In the photos she takes a shortcut through my parents back yard that connects to a trail that is on the way to her school. It's a very short distance. Her hot pink jacket is easy to spot too. It's been very hot here today in Honduras and I've had the AC going. I miss bundling up to go out into the cold. Enjoy the photos.


chicadedios25 said...

She is so adorable ;-)

Grandma Sprout said...

Unfortunately (or fortunately?!) that light snow has melted but we know we're still in store for a white winter wonderland one of these days. The temp is still cold, the sky is gray and the ground is wet so it is definitely not Honduras. I hope it dries enough for us to finish raking the leaves!

Cindy in California said...

I'm sure you love to get the photos. Thank you for sharing them with us. Sister is sure a cutie! I love the pink jacket.

Where do you parents live? The houses look like where my mom and dad used to live in the NW suburbs of Minneapolis (near Maple Grove/Osseo/Brooklyn Park) but then I guess all of the neighborhoods look similiar at least compared to other parts of the country, like here in California.

This is only the second year in my life I won't be spending Chritmas in Minnesota. I'm going earlier in December this year just because it works out better.

I really don't like the cold weather (which is why I live in California). This probably seems strange to many people that I don't even want cold and snow for Christmas. I had enough in the 20+ years I lived there.

I hope sister will be able to visit you for Christmas and maybe even be there for the arrival of the baby.

I hope your AC is keeping you comfortable in you last weeks of pregnancy.

Karine and Tom said...

I miss snow boots and stretch gloves! It's hard to complain about the sunny days lately in La Ceiba, but I would love a couple days of chilly weather. Maybe put a few logs in the fireplace and look out at a winter wornderland... Oh, Minnesnowta!