Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brother's Headphones

The other day I got a call from Papa while I was at class. It went like this:

Papa: The computer smells like it's burning.
Mama: Is it hot?
Papa: Yes.
Mama: Turn it off.

I get home and turn the computer back on to see what's going on. It didn't smell like it was burning anymore and it didn't get hot but it was missing one thing. Sound. The speakers must have burned out. I didn't bring the plug-in speakers with me back from the states. I'll have to take the computer in to see if it can be fixed, but there isn't really money for that right now either. The one most effected by not having sound is Brother. Sometimes he likes to watch his movies on the computer since his portable DVD player broke a while back. We have headphones, but only the kind that hook around the ears - not cover the ears. They aren't sized for little 3 year old ears. To remedy this, we came up with a solution to make the earphones stay put for him. See the photos below:

Can you see that we taped the headphones on?


aighmeigh said...

at first i thought there was something on my screen... then i realized it was tape! you guys are awesome! you problem solve like i do! :)

Grandma Sprout said...

Great Grandpa Sprout would have advised you to use duct tape and if you didn't have any he would have sent you a roll or five!

Ranty said...

Oy, those Honduran power surges are the worst... one killed the sound on my laptop 3yrs ago and I STILL haven't found a fix.

Do you have one of those suppressor thingies?