Saturday, July 12, 2008

Time Is Flying

We've had lots of fun so far on our trip to MN. Not much time to post, but I did just upload a boatload of pictures onto Flickr. Here is the direct photostream link.

I did try to write descriptions on the photos so there is a little explanation on the who/what/where, etc. in the photos.

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Canexicana said...

I regularly check into your blog and enjoy reading it very much. I am a Canadian married to a Mexican and living in Mexico. I seem to be hooked on blogs from those of you living in Honduras for some reason! I often wonder how different life is there compared to where I live in Mexico. I think it's quite different from what I have read. Anyway, I hope you can update your blog soon and tell us how you are doing. It almost sounds like you have made a major decision in the past week or so. I hope everything is okay. You all look like a nice family. :-)