Monday, June 16, 2008

Mama's List

I was laying down with Brother for our usual afternoon nap. Yep, I'm requiring a daily nap again. Being pregnant is like being 3 again in sleep requirements. I was starting to wake up when I began thinking about things I will miss about Honduras and also about what I am looking forward to in the states. So the below list started.

What I will miss about Honduras

  1. Fresh fruit availability and the cheaper cost. I have really loved having fresh fruit in the house. Digging into a refreshing watermelon when I'm hot or the refreshing papaya and strawberry smoothie in the morning, the candy sweet mango with yogurt. The melons, the other funny fruit treats and the fresh juices made with many kinds of fruit you can't find in the US that you can get everywhere here.
  2. Tea Jamaica. Frio. It is hibiscus in English, which is a flower. I've never seen it made as a tea in the states. I really like it. Sure it's super sugary sweet, but I like it and it's bright red and pretty.
  3. The mountain views. I really like looking at the scenery in Honduras. Mostly looking up. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed or rather sometimes discouraged by what is at ground level, but I am always awed by the views above the horizon. It's breathtaking. Honduras is a very beautiful country.
  4. Baleadas. I had to have one this morning. You can get them many different ways. Kind of like your Subway sandwich. Made to taste. I think I have mastered the technique of making them if I really want one while I am away, but the store bought ones are made with sinful lard or shortening which gives them a very filling and satisfying flavor. Kind of like pie crusts. Butter or shortening crusts always taste better, don't they? Darn it!
What I am looking forward to in the states
  1. Central air! I miss walking around the house and feeling cool no matter which room I am in.
  2. Clothes dryer. I know hanging the clothes is more environmentally friendly, and I do not grumble about it too much unless I have to stand out in the sun to hang the clothes in tall grass with bugs crawling up my legs. I mostly try to hang the clothes in the shade to save the clothes from sun fading anyway; but I am looking forward to a break from the time consuming chore of hanging clothes out to dry. I also look forward to my clothes smelling like fresh wash and not, well the clothes just don't smell all that fresh coming in from the line. It's not that they stink, they just don't really have a smell.
  3. English. If I want to go to the store- I can speak English when I go to pay or need to ask a question. If I am at a restaurant - I can speak English to place my order. If I need to call someone or someplace to get directions - I can speak to them in English. If I turn on the radio - I will hear English. I miss the ease of functioning in my native tongue. I do try to speak Spanish when out in public. I had a nice conversation with a neighbor the other night. It's funny how I can hold conversations sometimes. I wonder how in the world they understand me. I think it's like understanding a 2 or 3 year old. You just do even when it's terrible and bad speaking. I think I have gotten much better at Spanish since moving.
  4. Shopping. I need a Target fix. I need new makeup. I need some new bras (thanks to baby on the way) and oh yeah, some maternity clothes. I know I can find clothes here, but shopping sometimes makes me a bit stressed. I've written about my shopping before in Honduras so I guess what I am looking for is comfortable shopping. Oh, and in English.
  5. Minnesota summer. It's a fabulous time of year. It's such a short time too in the Northern midwest region and many Minnesotans really take advantage of it so it's nice to be out and about. (Can you hear my MN accent?) Parks, beaches, picnics, the kids playing outside, little league, summer camps, 4th of July, camping, pools, walks, playing outside until 9 or 10 at night because it's still light, going "up north", nights sitting outside with friends having long talks, the list could go on.
I can't wait to get there. I can't wait to see the family and my friends. Sister is counting the hours until we leave. Papa is counting the hours because he will miss us. I'm a bit worried about Brother missing his papi, but I know he will be so excited to see grandma and grandpa and all his cousins and they have missed the kids terrible too. It's going to be a long day tomorrow. I am still on a hunt for a scale to make sure my luggage is not over the 50 pound weight limit. I'm real worried about that.

I'm hoping this trip gives me some new energy. That it gives me a perspective I need to keep going on living in Honduras. It's been so difficult at times it's hard to write about. I know it comes across at times as bitter and jaded. It's hard to explain all that I'm feeling and why. But I'm hoping I get what I need in MN because there is nothing I would want more than to keep our family together and so far the only place that can happen is in Honduras.


The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Have a wonderful trip! I hope it's all you want it to be.

wolfie_cr said...

Even though I am male and Tico (So my perspective is the one of your husband) , I fully understand (and I bet he does too) everything you feel.

The first year was particularly bad as I spent about 4 weeks outside CR and she was here alone.

Our usual 'US fix' stores are walmart (dont laugh!), bestbuy & circuit city for me and barnes and noble , sometimes, for her

I would imagine that with all the hormones its harder and harder to prevent screaming etc from repressed feelings about being away from home, in a hot & humid place with people speaking a strange language doing things that all look straight out of a madhouse (say.......the way we 'drive')

Anyway, enough talking, good luck and enjoy :)

Honduras Sprout said...

I made it to MN and the air is sweet with some lasting lilacs and cool and light. Everything is a beautiful lush green. Did I land in heaven??

Feeling good right now.

Anonymous said...

Now that is good news! You really triggered a memory when you mentioned Lilacs. We used to cut big bunches of the purple and white and they would make the whole house smell wonderful.

Have tons of fun


Theresa in Mèrida said...

Red Zinger tea has jamaica (hibiscus) leaves in it, that's what makes it red. It's unsweetened so you'll need to add your own sugar.
I miss the shopping and the speaking of English but mostly I miss my kids who are adults and live in California.
Enjoy your stay and take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hello there, it's Mandymeme form PTO, it's wonderful that you are home in MN. Please get with me if you want to talk. I am still in MX and will be driving back to NC at the end of July. I'll have my 3 kiddo's and i'll be 34 weks prego's driving 4-5 days. Oh the things we must do. Your picts are great. I know exactly how you feel being away yet being around family and friends. I cant wait to go to Target I've only been in MX for a month but i still miss Target! I cant wait to use my dryer back home too. God Bless and feel free to email me Mandymeme4910 @

Steve Smith said...

That Jamaican tea is actually sour till you put sugar in it. My wife makes it with just a little sugar so it's a little tart. Delicious. They sell the buds at the supermarket. Boil them in water and you can dilute it more later for the cold drink.