Friday, May 02, 2008

1st US Consulate ~ San Juancito Honduras

We stayed up in a mountain resort last weekend. On the way up (way up) to the property we passed this old mining spec of a town called El Rosario. Approaching you could tell right away there was some history there. I was completely surprised when the owner of the resort we stayed at explained that this building is a US Consulate started in the first part of the 1900's. She even went on to say that this is even the first US Consulate in all of Central America. Here is a link with some more interesting information about the mining town up in the mountains of Honduras. (Not too much reading but still fascinating)

Looking at this building you can see that it is clearly American architecture. You can imagine the two flag poles in front, one waving the US flag. We wanted to get a closer view, but the property is still US owned. Some locals are hired to live on the land next to the building and they oversee it's care. Mainly to cut the grass and make sure no unwelcome guests find their way in. I was totally itching to get in there and snoop around. I became fascinated with historical architecture and it's preservation while studying interior design in college. I felt a little awe struck seeing this. Mainly because I didn't expect it but also because surprisingly I felt a tinge of patriotism too. Having been away from the US for almost a year now I guess it gave me a feeling of "home" when I saw this. It reminded me of one of the many historical places you can visit in the US. Too bad that it couldn't be preserved and possibly turned into a museum of sorts. San Juancito seems to be a hidden gem of a tourist spot in Honduras. I know if I was a tourist, I might find it all quite interesting and pay money to visit the little mining museum...if they had one.

There is more info to come on the American mark on this small community so stay tuned.

Below are a few more images. One up close and the other up the road a short distance.


~Angela said...

I really enjoyed reading about this, it's really cool to see some heritage from the states there.

La Gringa said...

Love the photos! I hope that I can see it in person one day.

Anonymous said...

I was there on March 15, 2009. Our group of Dr Spomer's dental brigade/construction volunteers went from San Juancito to El Rosario to visit. Having seen your post, I knew what to look for. Rus from Pennsylvania