Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saltboxes in Honduras

Saltbox back, originally uploaded by Honduras Sprout.

I've been killing two birds with one stone the past few days. I've been using the posts from the SPS Daily Photo blog and posting them over here. It just seemed to be interesting enough for both blogs. I'll try to do a recap of some of the fun we had and show some pictures of the kids and the really cool cabin we stayed in on this trip in the next couple of days. But until then, here is some more images and info about the Americans in the little town of San Juancito.

The homes surrounding the US Consulate are colonial saltbox style clapboard homes. The picture above shows the back side of the house. At the front of the house (images below) you can see a stone marker probably saying something about the home and it's history. I didn't get a chance to read it as I was holding things up by stopping our trek up the mountain to take photos. I thought I might be a little nervous living in one of these homes with them being built along the slope of the mountain with long posts driven down into the ground to hold the home up. Something must have been done right in the construction to keep the house up for nearly 100 years now.

The larger two story house "next door" to the consulate was in such a state of disrepair. It is currently undergoing renovations. Either to preserve or to inhabit the home. If you can see the interior walls have been redone. Interesting the way the exterior is ripped wide open for all to see inside.

The photo taken from further up the road I also posted yesterday, but I just wanted to show again the steep incline these homes were built on. Yikes!

If no one minds, I'll probably have at least one or two more days of photos from our trip. I'll try to keep it at one photo though. Tomorrow we'll be visiting a graveyard.

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