Friday, February 29, 2008

Dangers Of The Electric Shower Heaters

I don't know if there were any warnings about this danger explained in the instructions that came with the heater, but we are certainly aware of the danger now. Yes, for those unaware, it's very common not to have hot water heaters for the whole house. Many have an electric water heater in the shower head. Sounds crazy to mix electricity and water, but somehow it works.

Sister took a shower the other night but failed to turn the water off completely and since she can't reach the switch for the shower settings, she couldn't turn the water to NO HEAT as we usually do after a shower and were told to do by the electrician who hooked it up. There are three settings for the shower head. HOT/NO HEAT/WARM. Sister likes to take HOT showers. With the water just barely coming out it caused the heating element to overheat. Thankfully Sister was out of the shower when this happened. I was at work but could still smell the results when I got home. There was a lot of snap crackle popping and a flame then the lights in the house flickered. Papa was close by and got the breaker turned off in a hurry. It was over fast but here are the remains of our hot water shower heater:

The showers have been terrible cold the last few mornings. Brrrrr.....


Trish said...

Oh dear! I'm glad no one was hurt! We don't have those water heaters in our current house, but we've had them in other houses, and they definitely remind you that you are living on the wild side, don't they?

Joanna said...

Yikes! That sounds scary.

Jennie B said...

Oh SNAP! That is frightful! Good thing noone was in the shower at the time.

Thanks for the info on the diapers, I have been wondering how many covers and liners and things to get.

The bum genius a like the Gdiapers except the insert is washable. I like the Gdiapers but they are sooo expensive. The thing with the gum genius is they are only used once until next wash. We are looking at getting some contours and covers but man alive, there are so many out there its overwhelming!!

WIth the folded prefolds for liners, do you jsut do the trifold then stuff them? I think that is what I am going to be trying next!

Congrats on the potty training! I can't wait for Mac to finally start.