Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shrimp Dinner

My husband can cook. He is kind of meticulous about it too. If he is in the kitchen you had better stay away. He must cook and wash all at once and everything must be done just so. Back when we lived in the states he cooked a bit more. We were both working and though we didn't cook great meals most nights and did a lot more take out/eat out, we did take turns a few times each week to cook a breakfast or dinner to share and enjoy together. that I am home the meals all fall on me and I can count on less than both my hands in the last 7 months how many times Papa has cooked for me or the family. Mostly he mans the grill and that is his baby. I sometimes wonder if his lack of cooking may be due to his being in a more machismo culture where men in general do not cook. Not exactly sure, and I don't think he would admit it even if he has re-assimilated back into that line of thought.

Tonight was a special treat. I had mentioned to him that I had wanted some shrimp not too long ago. He went to the fish market and found some shrimp at a good price. This is what I got and it was devine. Look at how he did the presentation too. He is just a goof. He loves his food to be just perfect. I can't say much for my photo taking because it does nothing with how good it looked on my plate and the way that it smelled. To be honest, I was just hungry and wanted to get to eating and wasn't too concerned with how well the photo turned out.

The shrimp was sautéed in some fresh garlic butter with a hint of cayenne and black pepper. Mouthwatering. The salad is chopped red and yellow peppers & carrot in a red wine vinaigrette, sliced roma tomatoes on top of some local organic lettuce. After we sat down and started to eat I mentioned that avocado would go nicely with the salad. We had some ripe, cut a few slices and it definitely completed the salad. A simple baked potato to even out the flavors and the meal disappeared in no time. Oh the luxury of having a husband that can cook. Now if I could only get him to do that more often. Sigh....


coco said...

Hi there Mama Sprout :)
The shrimp and everything along with it looks delicious! I'm so glad to have found your blog. I have read a couple of your post already and love your writing style. I'm going to be stopping by a lot more now. :)

Jennifer said...

Dinner looks great! My husband is a much better cook than I am, and I wish he would cook more often. Although I know when I get there that wont happen. He has already told me that he cant wait till I get there so that he wont have to cook anymore, LOL.

Im good at making labor inytesnsive foods - tamales, lasagna and stuff like that. But with everything that I am going to have to do, its not happening very often, LOL.

Honduras Sprout said...

Coco~ Glad you found me and thanks for the comments!

Jennifer~ maybe one day we could make a trip to the farm and spend a day cooking tamales. I need someone to show me how. Which kind do you cook? The best tamales I had were in Copan made with fresh ground corn and served with a papaya encurtido. Probably a bit ambitious for me to try and replicate. Second to that were Mexican ones made in Mpls.

Grandma Sprout said...

You're spoiled! :)

I'm wondering what Sister and Brother ate. I can't imagine Sister eating shrimp!

Steve Smith said...

I see the salad is served in big uneatable size pieces that have to be cut up first. That;s one of my pet peeves here. They do it everywhere. I don't want to prepare my salad at the table, I want it cut up in bite size pieces ready to eat.