Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pricemart & My Christmas Wish List

Well, it's been kind of a slow week. I've been you know...doing the usual things like cooking and cleaning and cooking and cleaning some more with some toddler entertaining and tweener raising too. Oh boy. Exciting days here.

I did go to Pricemart this last week, which is always a little fun. I like to see what they have in. We just got a membership not that long ago, so it's still new to me and I like to have an excuse to go there. This week, it was to look for a new cordless phone. A lot of the stuff they have is from the US. It's fun to see all the American brand stuff, but some of it, I still pass up because it's priced so dang high. For example, honey. You can buy a big bottle of Honduran honey for 1/2 what the American brand honey costs in the same size bottle. What's the diff? No complaints here on Honduran honey. They have fresh produce, meats, bakery and cheeses. But the prices are comparable if not more than at a regular, no membership needed grocery store. Where they have the best prices is buying in bulk such as boxed/canned/bottled foods, garbage bags, paper goods, etc. If you shop Sam's or Cosco you know what I'm talking about. They have good prices on toys too. Especially now.

We are coming up on the Christmas season, and Papa and I...well I have been trying to talk to Papa about what we are going to do for the kids. As you know we have our Christmas tree up. Oh! Did I not tell you all that yet? Here's a little photo spread:

Setting up the fake 9 ft tree. Why we got a 9 foot tree I have no idea. A tad tall for our bare little living room.

Here is the Christmas tree decorated and lit. Yes, it's blurry. Oh well. I need to review the picture taking manual that came with my camera. The tree looks really nice. It's only missing those icicle things I usually put on the tree. I couldn't find any at the stores.

I was thinking if I had a Christmas wish list - what would be on it? I already have gifts stashed away that my parents wrapped and left for us to put under the tree. But other than those, I don't think I will be getting anything else. But that's okay. I'm sure one day when Papa's business has become well established he will probably knock my socks off with some kind of gift. He's such a romantic and loves to give gifts. it is, money is tight and I can live without silly Christmas presents. I mostly like to see the kids open their presents. I am so excited this year to be all together and have a hay day Christmas morning...or eve, whichever we decide to do. They usually celebrate on Christmas eve here in Honduras.

So here it goes anyway. I'll do a top 10 most wished for things this Christmas. Not in any specific order. I'm just coming up with this off the top of my head.
  1. Snow - it doesn't even feel like Christmas and often feels silly to have the house decked out.
  2. Berry Spicey/Apple-Cinnamon-y/Evergreen-ish scented candles- I bought some "Christmas" scented oil for L30 ($1.75) at the mall that smells like pine trees thinking maybe it would make me feel more in the mood. It's okay, but there is something about candles that I like. Sadly they didn't have anything else even close to those cozy baked goods smellin' oils. I'm sure I might be able to find some candles at another store. But then it wouldn't be on my wish list.
  3. New cute shirts- I'm feeling like a bum in my tank tops and tee-shirts.
  4. Hot Hot Hot heals - I need like 3 or 4 pairs. My 2 pairs are not doing it for me.
  5. A new printer- I got a free Dell printer with my computer and wouldn't you can only buy replacement ink cartridges from Dell and they don't ship to Latin America. Would it even be worth shipping in the first place? So I just want a new printer.
  6. Spanish Lessons- I cannot even begin to tell you how hard and restricting it is not being able to communicate. We just can't afford lessons right now. Yes, I've been trying on my own, but it's very slow.
  7. Good books to read- I need an escape. Computers can only bring you so far, but curling up with a good book with a great that will transport you.
  8. Curtains- It just gets old with no curtains and the sun blasting in. I feel so exposed.
  9. Storage cupboards/shelves- I don't know about too many other homes around Honduras, but the homes here are not built for people that want to store anything. We have bins stacked in Brother's room and in the bathroom. Trying to find what you are looking for is very frustrating. The kitchen is less than adequate for storage space too.
  10. Robo vacuum & cleaner- This one vacuums and this one cleans. Oh please Santa!!


Jennifer said...

If you weren't so far away from where my husband is, I would send some stuff down in the box I am going to be sending him. Unless you want to take a trip out to Tocoa to get some stuff, LOL. But that is a long way to go for some candles, and icicles ;) Although if you want me to put them in the box for you, let me know, and I will gladly do it. I would send you some snow, but *sigh* we dont have any of that here yet, and as you know, it owuldn't make it there as snow LOL.

Joanna said...

Just had a thought, You should find that spray frost for the windows and get some fake snow. Dech the house out in christmas lights. Wouldn't that be a hoot for all the neighbors to see.

Joanna said...

Forgot to add....your christmas tree looks great. It doesn't look to big, it looks perfect size. I'm getting anxious to decorate but Chad says we have to wait until December

Aaron Ortiz said...

Before I lost my PDA, I would download books from The Gutemberg Project they have a very big collection of public domain ebooks.

Reading off a PDA isn't as warm and fuzzy an experience as reading of cream-colored paper of a book in your hands, but an advantage is that you don't need a bedside lamp.

Trish said...

I have some extra icicles - if you want, we can meet up with us when we come to SPS in early December, and you can have a box.

I also have a lot of books, and I enjoy lending them out. Email me if you're interested, and let me know what you like to read, and we can see if we have anything you'd like to borrow. :-D

Ariana said...
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Honduras Sprout said...

Jennifer- you are so kind. I think even if you were to pack snow in dry ice it would never make it. I would like to come visit you though one day once you are here and settled!

Jo- Good idea! I haven't seen any of that spray snow stuff. But honestly, without cold snow looks super silly. least to me. And I have never had a tree up so early! I always waited until after Thanksgiving.

Aaron - I thought about that! I have a PDA so I could...but I think I am missing that cozy book, like you said. But I'm still going to check out that site. Thanks!

Trish - You are so sweet! Maybe we could meet up in Dec. I'll be contacting you for sure!

Ariana - no, honey we won't be coming home for Christmas. But Sister will be coming to MN when she is done with school for summer break in June. Sorry, I had to delete your comment because I don't use names here on the blog. Take care and tell your mom I say hello!

Rogelio UmaƱa said...

Glade is one of the brands I do advertising for here in Costa Rica. Scented candles are big in CR so every year SCJohnson sells the Christmas-themed ones. I'll be in Honduras by December the 21st and since I can get these for free I'll be glad to bring some with me for you and your family...

Honduras Sprout said...

Rogelio~ Again a nice offer. I have to say I'm surprised and touched by all the offers coming in! But, I just saw some nice smelling seasonal candles at the Colonial supermarket and couldn't possibly ask you to bring any back with you. I thought I could find some, but splurging on them is another thing. The ones I saw were L74 ($3.90).

La Gringa said...

Haylock's, the store I wrote about here has tons of scented candles -- nice ones and only $1-2-3 range! I know that is too far for you to come to buy candles, but maybe you could find a similar store in SPS? For me, the hardest thing is finding out WHERE something is sold because it is so often not where you would expect it.

I've been buying books at what I call a 'garage sale' store. It's where they sell stuff bought at garage sales in the US and they have tons of books for L20-40. Keep you eye out for those types of stores. I feel sure you must have them in SPS.

Curtains! I still don't have any! I plan to make them, but finding or getting rods made are the problem. We have such odd sized windows and our previous experience with having some made was not good -- as usual.

Spanish lessons: there are some free online sources that would at least be a start until you can get lessons or buy a program. I feel your pain.

Oh, BTW, I made the same calabeza/calabaza error! I offered someone a 'head muffin.'