Monday, November 12, 2007

Chair Project

The top photo is of the table and chairs the first week the kids and I first got to Honduras in June. Bright, sparkling new they look - eh? I knew immediately upon seeing the chair seats they wouldn't last. I probably had the chair turned upside down within two hours to see how the seats were connected so that I could be sure I would be able to reupholster. There were three screws holding the seats in place. Easy.

I mentioned to my mother that I needed some upholstery that could wash easily but also needed to be cheap. Looking out for her daughter, my mom brought a bunch of this beige colored upholstery vinyl from the states last month when my parents came to visit.

You can see how desperately it was needed. It took a matter of days until the original seat coverings were wrecked and disgusting looking. The new upholstery has been on for a few weeks now and things are holding up great and cleaning beautifully. At least until my two year old may take a tool or permanent marker to it. But so far so good.

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