Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Spots, Spots & More Spots

Anyone have a clue what the heck these hives, rash, bug bites could be from??? Brother has no fever, no loss of appetite, seems happy and playful. The spots don't seem to itch him. We thought it might be bed bugs he could have picked up while we were in Copan since he had brought his little blankie with him.

We took two days to fumigate his bed, clothes, toys and blankets & pillow. What the heck? He didn't sleep in his bed last night and still woke up with spots. Neither Sister, Papa nor I have anything. Could he still be reacting to bug bites? It's primarily on his stomach and wraps around his hips. He has a few spots on his legs and arms and a few brighter red spots on his face. We are bringing him to the doctor this afternoon because Papa and I are stumped. It will be Brother's first doctor visit in Honduras.


Aaron Ortiz said...

These look like mosquito or ant bites to me, the bedbugs leave smaller, redder little volcano-shaped spots.

Of course, I'm no expert. Maybe he's getting them while he's out playing.

Joanna said...

Was he playing in trees or bushes or anything with out a shirt? I think they look more like an allergic reaction then bug bites. Has he eaten anything new? Esten looks just like that when he gets a reaction to something. Did you try giving him a bath? That seems to be the only thing that helps Esten when he gets hives. Poor guy! let us know what the doc says.

Sra Banegas said...

At first I was going to say chicken pox but after reading the previous comments it could be an allergy to something or like Aaron said "mosquito or ant bites".

Whatever you find out about them, I hope they get better and good luck at the doctor! ¡Pobre niƱo! :(