Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Spots Continued & A Few Midweek Updates

Brother made it to the doctor. Turns out that he is having an allergic reaction to something environmental or to something he ate. We went back over his diet and realized there are two things he has eaten in the last few days that he doesn't usually eat and that is papaya and cantelope melon. The doctor gave us some antihistamine medicine. He'll take that for 5 days and then we'll see how he does. Still don't think we will be trying those two fruits anytime soon.

On another note. Sister was supposed to meet with a Spanish tutor today at 2pm. The tutor was a no show. I don't get that? This person is supposed to be a responsible teacher at a very nice bi-lingual school and yet...she can't pick up the phone and say she can't make it today.

We go to pick up Sister's school uniform and text books next week and then she will have an open house at the school to meet her teachers on the 19th. School starts August 21st. That means the summer is coming to an end. It's probably better too. We don't get out much and there just isn't much going on here. I would have liked to get out more, but it's been a struggle. Here's the deal....

Papa works about 5 1/2 - 6 days every week and there just isn't enough time in the evening before dark to get out and do much. He would have liked to take us out more on the weekends, but our car was stuck in the shop for a month longer than expected and then we couldn't get the registration papers for 2 weeks. It was very frustrating. We did take the car out a few times without the papers, but if we had gotten pulled over for any reason, which it is common in Honduras for police to pull you over to make sure the car isn't stolen, etc, it would have been a real headache. 1, because we would have had to bribe the cop or 2, if we didn't bribe the cop, then we would probably have the car taken and it would have been another huge headache to get it back.

I've driven a few times now too and am starting to learn my way around. Yay!!


La Gringa said...

I'm glad that it wasn't anything serious. Some readers told me that it is common for some people to have allergic reactions to the skin or sap of the mango because it is related to poison oak -- just something to keep in mind.

Regarding the tutor and the mechanic -- welcome to Honduras!

I've only driven a couple of times in San Pedro. Those traffic circles are really scary!

Sra Banegas said...

Oh well thank goodness all is okay! I hope Brother Sprout feels better! :)

I could not even imagine driving in Honduras! Be careful! I remember when I was in Tegus and all I heard when riding was the sound of people's horns lol!

(I don't even want to get my license HERE because drivers are so crazy!)