Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Round Trip Tickets

Tomorrow is the scheduled flight home. We had to book round trip flights because without residency, especially with children, they would not let us out of the country without them. The price for round trip was really no different than one-way tickets anyway. Don't quite understand that one, but oh well. And as far as I know the airlines don't really question it if you are a no-show.

We have the residency paperwork that we need to stay and live over here, but it still needs to be processed and that has to be done in the capital city about 4 hours away by bus. We better get on that or before you know it we might end up having to pay a fine for overstaying the 90 day tourist visa.

So we made it two weeks here and I'm not running for States. I can tell there will be some challenges ahead. The heat is still wearing on me for example and then there is that language issue... and oh yeah, that driving thing (deep breath). I still don't feel like I know quite what I'm doing here. Sometimes the reality hits and it seems strange that outside the walls around our colonia is Honduras. Not that inside my colonia doesn't feel like Honduras, it's just a little different. Actually, I peek outside the walls just about every day. There are these little holes in the perimeter wall where you can peek through. Our house is along the wall and its maybe about 4 inches thick. I can see the main road that gets quite a bit of traffic, I can see shanty type homes built along the road and people walking & biking too. There is a big open field behind us (over the wall). I guess the land we now live on used to be cattle land and now here we sit with a bunch of neat colorful houses on it.

There has been some kind of construction going on behind the wall making lots of noise. I peeked through this afternoon and saw that a very large tree had been cut down and the roots exposed. This was a huge tree. I don't know why they wanted or needed to cut it down. Maybe they are going to make another neat, colorful colonia behind us?

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and we are planning on making a US flag cake and making an all American meal with corn on the cob, chips, something on the grill with buns and then having a family movie night. Looking forward to it. Wish we could find some sparklers at least, but in Honduras...fireworks are illegal and hard to find right now. (Christmas is a better time to find them I'm told) I'll see if I can get some photos taken. Hope everyone has a great 4th! The 4th is one of our family's favorite holidays.

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Tom said...

Happy Fourth sprout! Laughed when I read about peeking through the wall. It's new and strange but you'll be used to it in no time.

I must confess I am very interested in your experiences as you have raised many of the same concerns that I feel.

We had a wonderful 4th, spent with friends watching fireworks on the beach. Hope yours was good too.