Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The New House in Honduras - The First Week

I apologize that it has taken me a week to find time to sit down and write a blog entry. This stay at home mom/wife thing takes up a lot of time. There is still so much to do and trying to keep the kids occupied has been a challenge. Brother sprout doesn't have as many things to do as he used to in the states. Papa is out right now buying a little pool for the kids to pass the hot days. I mentioned that we do not have AC. This is a big challenge for me at least because I can't seem to stop sweating and sometimes I feel like I want to scream from the stickiness I feel. Taking showers helps. So far the most I've taken is 3 in one day. I think I would most days, but there is usually something that requires me to be sweaty anyway...so I pass on the heavenly cool shower. Did I mention we don't have hot water either? I could care less now.

Our house is beautiful and I am very happy with our colonia. I should get out and take some more photos of the houses around here. They are the brightest homes I've seen in Honduras. The colonia has a few Americans living here too I've heard but haven't met them. I guess they are from S. Carolina. I talked to the owner of the internet cafe here in the colonia who speaks really great english so he was telling me about things around here. He also gave me a name of a woman who works at one of the nicer bi-lingual schools teaching english. I guess she also teaches spanish on the side to anyone who might need and she will come to the house!

We were up at the internet cafe last night while papa was calling his family in the states and Brother and I went for a little walk hunting for frogs and to watch the family of puppies next door. I ran into a lady who spoke a little english. She seemed really lovely. I love when I meet people willing to try and talk to me even though I don't speak spanish yet.

We don't have the car yet which has presented a problem being able to go out an buy things for the house. We took a taxi a few times to this awesome store called Diunsa. It's kind of like Target, I guess. It has just about everything and it's clean and organized. I like that. I was a little worried and relieved to find a store like this. We also have gone to the grocery store a few times and Walmart has a nice south of the border company called Paiz. There are a few other nice grocery stores too. One challenge is trying to find skim milk. They have this stuff that's in these containers that has a really long shelf life. I don't know what they do to the milk, but it takes like skim milk. Hmmm....I would take a photo but my battery is dead on the camera.

There are many things we still have to do around the house like hang all our clothes on hangers. I got some up yesterday but have been slow to get things done. Cooking, cleaning and seeing to the kids takes up a lot of time. And as of today...I LOVE IT!

I really do love being here for the kids. I love being here with Papa. I feel safe and protected next to him. I don't remember the last time I felt this happy. I think I need to find a rhythm to things still. How to get things done efficiently. I need to learn how to cook again too, especially for Papa. Not that I forgot, I just haven't really cooked much the last year.

Here are some more photos of the house:

We have a big yard. No trees and prickly grass. We are talking about what to do about how to make this space more usable.

We had a few pizza nights so far which the kids loved! We finally got dishes since we were eating off of paper plates for a few days.

The kids bathroom. Basic.

The pila where we do some laundry by hand. I wash Brother's diapers in the pila instead of the washing machine. That large rubbermaid the yellow bucket is sitting on is Brother's bathtub. He does not like the showers.

We have a washer but not a dryer. I am thankful that we have the clothes line in the back. Some of the houses have lines hung from all kinds of places like pillars on the house tied to a tree or some other post in the yard.

Papa and Brother on Papa's "bike". The kids love going for rides on this. Yes, the house across the street is under construction. It does cause noise and dust. I couldn't imagine working out there all day building these houses under the sun. Some of the new houses in the neighborhood are absolutely beautiful. The colonia is new in 2001 and there is lots of construction going on around the neighborhood.

Sister Sprout's main hangout spot. She usually has the fan about 6 inches away blowing full blast. Like her American flag flip-flops (on the floor) she picked up before we moved? We had some furniture re-apolostered. A couch and 2 chairs. They look very nice, but are small. The living room isn't huge, so the smaller furniture will do for now.

There are many other things I could write about right now...but Brother Sprout's ice pop is melting on the floor and I need to get him outside.


joannaamundson said...

I love the house!! It's beautiful!
Sounds like things are going good (other then the heat).

La Gringa said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything is going well.

The heat and humidity take some getting used to -- I'm not sure you ever completely get used to it.

Diunsa is a great store! They have nice things, good brands, and good prices. I haven't seen the new bigger store yet.

Keep posting as you have time as this is fascinating seeing life in Honduras for the first time again, through your eyes!

Tom said...

So glad you guys are all together again. It sounds quite exciting, all the new discoveries.

As far as the heat goes, shade is your best friend outdoors and some air movement for cooling.

You will get more accustomed to it. I came from Canada where a hot day was 75. I like the heat now.

Josie said...

Good on ya Sprouts! I love pics of the house and it seems as though your first few days have been pleasant. Looking forward to getting more news as you all settle in!

Anonymous said...

Dear Courtney,

I'm a friend of your mother's. I grew up in Alabama, so I have a little bit of encouragement for you about the heat. Every summer I thought I would die or sweat to death when it got hot, but after about three weeks, I felt fine. It takes your body about that long to adjust, then it really is better! I've read that your veins actually move closer to the skin to dissipate the heat!

Good luck with your grand adventure! Your love and great attitude will make such a difference to your family!


Sra Banegas said...

Oh my goodness what a beautiful house! (I'm jealous lol) But also SO happy that you and your husband and the whole family is reunited for GOOD this time!

Your house is SO colorful and that's the main thing I loved about the houses I saw in Honduras.


Honduras Sprout said...

Everything has gone really smoothly so far. As of today it's been 1 full week here and I can tell my body is getting used to the heat..at least I think so.

Gringa - for an American used to sparkling bright Targets, I was happy to walk in there.

Tom - I wish there was more shade around here. The new colonia has only a few trees. I can't wait to get some nice seating for under the car port. I come from MN so know exactly what you are talking about when 75 degrees can feel hot.

Josie - I suppose you are gearing up for the cold down there. Or is it already chilly?

Susan - You're words do give me encouragement that I'll get used to things. Thanks for checking in!

Sra - One day everything will fall into place for you and Daniel. I do love the house :O) It's a perfect size for the 4 of us. Not too big and not too small.

Sharon Jones - sltmjones@hotmail.com said...

From one fellow Minnesotan to another, WELCOME TO HONDURAS. Hope the transition continues to get easier.
One word for heat: COTTON. I don't know how the locals can stand wearing polyester but they do. Oh, if you take a neck scarf and wring it out in cool water and tie it loosely around your neck it helps some what.
As far as shade for the yard, Ficus trees are beautiful, grow fast and can be shaped nicely. Stick to local plants rather than something imported as the local plants have a better success rate of establishing themselves and are easier to take care of.
Your house is lovely and I love the colors. I could not tell if you had ceiling fans but they are a must.
You are living in my favorite part of the mainland, Copan, and hope you and the family get out to enjoy the sites.
You will become use to the heat. Not to the point of not sweating but it will be more toreable, so hang in there.
Good luck and keep blogging.
Guanaja Sharon

Laura said...

Your house is beautiful! I love it! It is hard to imagine a house like that not having hot water or AC... Gosh - goes to show ya how spoiled we are... I miss you all! XXXOOO

Aunt Elene said...

Hey your Aunt Elene here. Sounds like you are doing great. I love seeing all the pictures of the kids and your house. The pool will be a life saver. We have one up out back here in Wisconsin but only have gone in it maybe 4or 5 times. I'm a freeze baby and need it to be in the 80's to go into it. Today finally rained and in the 70's. Burr... since it has been in the 80 and 90's the last two weeks. Take care of those sweet hearts and give them a hug from us here. Love E