Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Honduras Day 8

Well...We are here in Honduras. It is our 8th day. Just got into
Copan last night.

We spent a few days at a lake about an hour outside of San Pedro Sula.
Papa and I were adjusting to having the kids with us full time and
were wiped out tired. But we all were having lots of fun.

We spent spent some time in another port town called Omoa. Sister Sprout saw
the ocean for the first time. We also went to a local museum and
there Mama Sprout started to not feel so good and by nightfall I was sick and
running a fever. It took about 12 hours for the antibiotics to work,
but was feeling better by morning.

We got into Copan last night and it is so peaceful here. The kids
love it. It´s in the middle of all these green mountains and getting
here made the kids very car sick with all the twists and turns we had
to make. Both kids looked a little green in the back seat of the car.

We found a perfect little hotel with a gated patio where the kids can
run around and play. They like to hang out at the gate and watch all
the passer-bys.

The only bad thing is that we managed to break our brand new digital
camera here. We dropped it. Man am I pissed about it. Trying not to
feel too bummed, so I´m sitting here at the internet having a beer
helping Sister Sprout figure out her fun internet games she misses. It´s about
.75 US /hr.

Papa went and got Brother Sprout a fruit smoothie in the downstairs shop.
It´s easier to feed the kids healthy here than in San Pedro Sula or
any other place we´ve been. Everything is fried. Good, but very,
very heavy.

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