Sunday, January 14, 2007

Private Showing - Invite only Blog

I've changed my settings so that only invited people can read my blog. This is mainly for security, but also for privacy. I created the blog so that friends and family can easily keep up with what is going on with the move and also for once we are living in Honduras.

I wanted this blog to be easy to access so people wouldn't avoid the site completely so I didn't put any restrictions on who could access the site. Now that I have, I hope this doesn't cause too much frustration for people. I'm sure it will require you to log in to access.

On another note. Steph just moved into her apartment with her 3 boys this weekend. It's going to be quiet around here. But I will also miss her. It's nice to have your sister around :O)

I've been going to the health club to try and take care of my out of shapeness- ha! I'm a nut for classes and I did a cycle class tonight for the first time. That about licked my butt. Literally ;O). I guess those skinny little seats take some getting used to. The instructor told me to avoid putting too much weight on them which was not the easiest to do with my heavy back side. But I really liked the challenge. I didn't realize how much of an all over body workout including some pretty rigorous cardio you can get on a bike if you do it right. My legs were even giving out at points which surprised me. I talked to the instructor after the class and told her about my wimpy legs, and she said I needed to increase the muscles and then that wouldn't happen as much. She said that I could have better aerobic capacity, but my leg muscles were still behind. I didn't realize how out of shape my legs are I guess. Kind of bummed me out, but also gave me a goal to reach. Toned legs- here I come!

On a Honduras note...
The trip is only a few weeks away! Should I tan? Or just go over there white as chalk and watch myself burn. I know I would burn too b/c I'm not good about re-applying sunscreen and with the warm weather...I know I'll be wearing that stuff off pretty fast. But I will be applying sunscreen to the kids a lot which will force me to remember to apply to myself. Anyone have a thought?


Josie said...

You could tan for a base, but instead I would just make sure you apply the sunscreen religiously, wear sunglasses and get a hat (for you and the kids!). Aussie's are strict when it comes to sun safety... I think back to all those times we used the Hawaiian Tropic coconut oil and I cringe as I'm so much more aware of the cancer dangers! There's a huge incidence of melanoma down here.

Laura said...

Tan responsably.