Tuesday, January 09, 2007

News & Tidbits

Here's the news since the start of 2007. Yeah!
  • I moved into my parents basement.
  • I bought a new laptop computer and can hook up my PDA/cell phone internet connection and have great connection speed as long as I have 3 or more bars of service on my cell phone. My parents live a few miles from the highway so reception is not super consistent but if the wind is blowing in the right direction and it's not too cloudy I seem to have found a good spot in the kitchen. Works for me!
  • I've gotten on the bandwagen and created a myspace to see if I can meet some other people in Honduras. Just another cool internet thing to do. Here's the link: http://myspace.com/145041535
  • My tires needed replacement as well as my ignition lock in my car froze up and needed replacement. The fact that I don't have a regular house payment or utility bills to pay means these little vehicle maitainance issues won't hurt so much. Only leaves the savings account a little more empty. Just life I guess.
  • My sister got an apartment. So proud of her!
  • I'm still trying to find a routine at my parents. I'm not used to so much room to spread out in. I'm used to living within 20 feet of each other in my little house and now I have 4 levels to deal with! But all in all- it's working and I can't complain. My parents are pretty good to let me and the kids crash there.
  • I also have been trying to get to the health club a lot right now. I've completely neglected myself the past 5 months with everything that had been going on with trying to sell the house. Something had to give and that ended up being exercise. It feels good to take care of me a little bit now.

Hope everyone is in good health!

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