Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Have A House In My Stomach

How can a whole house feel like it is trying to fit in my stomach? It's a sharp pain poking at my insides.
Buyers come...buyers go. This latest one has basically courted me and now seems like they could hang me out to dry.
I feel like I am on the dating scene again. It's like wondering if anyone will like me, if I'm "pretty" enough, have good future potential...etc.
I don't think people realize what kind of stress they are causing me. Especially the first time homebuyers who have never been through this before. I stayed up all night for the last showing trying to finish a painting job someone I hired did not complete. Cleaning the house, clearing out the garage,etc. I wrap up my marathon by putting an apple crisp in the oven, mowing the yard and picking up fallen leaves from flowers and bushes, light a candle and viola! I have a show ready home after about 18 hours of hard work. The house looked in perfect order and smelled wonderful. The next day after the showing they tell me they like the house and want to start with the financing process. Everything seems to be moving along and then last night... The back peddling began. This buyer starts to get so blown up and wanting to ask for more than I can offer. I have to pay bills too! I have to be able to walk away with something-right? and still be able to live- right? I didn't put 9 years of blood, sweat and tears into that house to walk away with less than what it's worth. Papa worked damn hard on the house too. Why must the market be this way at this time?
So...say a prayer anyone reading this. If anyone reads this...that this house gets out of my stomach because it's starting to feel pretty uncomfortable.

On another note. Sister Sprout saw the cardiologist yesterday and she got a clean bill of health as far as her heart goes. She just needs to keep watching her diet. The doctor was very nice and answered all of my questions.

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