Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!


Another Halloween has come and gone. This year Sister Sprout picked out all the bad candy when she got home and gave me all the chocolate ones. She is taking her new diet restrictions pretty seriously. If you all haven't heard, Sister Sprout was found to have ridiculously high levels of cholesterol for a 9 year old. Like in the 260's. It's hard to imagine a young healthy 9 year old with the cholesterol level of an 50+ year old, obese smoker. But she does, and we are dealing with it head-on.

So mama got all the chocolate. Guess what I did a 10pm last night. Sat down with 3 fun size candybars and watched the news. We had all of 2 trick-or-treators at the house last night and good thing I didn't buy any chocolate to hand out, b/c I would have been sitting with a whole bowl to choose from. We stuck with the chewy candy types for hand outs, but after looking at the ingredients, I realized those are on the no-no list too with saturated fat. Why must we do this to our kids???

Brother Sprout didn't really like his costume, but once it was on, he became a bit more curious about how it was he had this stuffed animal on his head and he kept looking up at the dragon tongue dangling above his head. Once we got to GGpa's he woke up and was very interested in the M&M's in Sister Sprout's treat pumpkin. He is a chocolate junkie. Just like his mom. M&M's being his favorite. He will pass on all the other candy bars if he has a choice of M&M's. He knows which one's have his favorites inside.

Sister Sprout hit the neighborhood with a friend and her parents. I was happy to let her go and get out of the cold. It was nice that there was very little wind, but the cold was bitter. I am NOT looking forward to winter here again.

Speaking of that, it's looking that I will most likely be spending another winter here in MN. I thought if the house sold by Thanksgiving, that I could get out of most of the winter by spending time in Honduras and preparing for a move. Well...the house just isn't going to sell as I hoped. I'm tired of trying to sell it. It takes a lot of work. Work I just don't think I can do. I'm starting to lose sleep over it and that's not a good thing. We'll see....a buyer will come eventually. Trying to decide if I should list on the MLS and just be done with it. I'll have to reduce the price most likely. I'm going to do more research on the market price of my home.

November is here. The month Papa and I married. The month of my birth, the month of Sister Sprout's birth. Thanksgiving and the kickoff of the Christmas season fall in November. It's a good month. Finding a buyer for my house will make it even better.

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