Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Questions Answered

This is my first post state side. I still have not completed entering all my posts from the trip. But I've gotten so many questions about where and when are we are going to be moving that I decided I had better give an update.

We fell in love with Copan when we were there. We found it to be just an amazing beautiful and peaceful place. There are many opportunities there, but we are still brainstorming ideas on what we would like to invest in.

As far as when we will be moving?...that is still to be determined. Its somewhat based on two things; 1) when the house sells 2) Sister Sprout's school. Based on these two things, there's a very good chance that me and the kids will be stateside for almost another year. The plan is to try and go visit Papa at Christmas time if we can afford it. Pray the house sells!

Its hard to imagine life with no Target to run to for all our necessities. Here in the US the number of choices we have can make your head spin as you stand there blankly attempting to make a "good" decision. Anyway...I digress. That's another post.

I met with the realtor on Monday and the goal date to put the house on the market is September 5th just after labor day. This has been my home for nearly 9 years now (in Oct). It is the only home Sister Sprout has ever known. I've been through so much here and Papa and I have done so much to it. The realtor can put a market price on it, but it almost becomes priceless to me and it brings me to tears thinking about walking away. I am looking forward to finding a new home where our family can all be together.

I know there are many concerns from friends and family about moving to Honduras; and believe me, they are our concerns as well. We are not going about this lightly. This is not what we had in mind for our lives, but we can't change the past. What's done is done and it is futile to live in regret for mistakes made. We have to believe that all things have a purpose, and we cannot always see God's plan for us. There are many fears and obstacles to face ahead, but the Lord will go before us.

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