Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day 8 - Where Copan Began - Los Ruinas de Copan

We got up early today and are having breakfast in our favorite spot, "Casa de Todo". Its a beautiful place and the people so friendly. We meet lots of travelers here and have met so many from Holland. There are these two fellows we actually saw on the bus from La Ceiba that we saw here at Casa de Todo yesterday. I couldn't figure out why, but they were both dressed in these army green safari looking gear and smoking cigarette after cigarette drinking beer. I say hello and point out that we were on the same bus from La Ceiba to SPS and they seem indifferent like they could care less. I ask them a few questions and they remain on the cold side so I give up trying to make further conversation with them. From what I gathered they are traveling all over Central America for some unknown reason and only wear these green army looking fatigues and heavy boots like they are these big bad tough guys. We see them later in the evening with two young looking blonde female tourists walking through central park. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are just on the prowl.
I've been eating the yogurt at Casa de Todo hoping it helps my tummy, but the stomach problems are not getting any better and are making a turn for the worse. I'm starting to border on dehydration and am trying to drink lots and lots of water. I pull out the antibiotics and look at them and read the travel guides on when antibiotics are needed. I don't want to take them since I hate antibiotics, but I'm thinking it's going to be needed.
Here is what we did yesterday on Day 7 Wednesday.
After breakfast we went to Los Ruines de Copan.

copan ruinas 24 copan ruinas 11 copan ruinas 35 copan ruinas 10 The ancient Mayan civilization who supposedly was like the Paris of the Mayan culture across central america. Again, breathtaking. How amazing everything was. We went and sat in the museum cafe for something to drink after all the walking we did when some children come to sell souvenirs. We decided to buy these little corn-ear dolls. Cute! I ask why they are not in school and Papa says that they have to make money for the family. There is an older girl about 10 and then a younger boy and girl about 5 and 6. Then of course Papa asks if they want anything to drink. We buy them 3 cokes. I don't like buying the children sweets like that, but they enjoy it. The older girl is so shy and doesn't want to smile showing her teeth so covers her mouth a lot when Papa asks her silly questions. Shortly after we are sitting there drinking our "frescos" talking with the children when a woman walks up with a baby in her arms. I think one or two of the children belong to her. No one has strollers and all babies are carried in arms with light towels over them to block the sun so you rarely get a good look at the babies. Papa gives her a few lmps ($) and then we have to go. I hope those children are well...I think about their smiles.
After seeing the ruins we took one of the little 3 wheel taxis taxi rideup to Hacienda San Lucas. I can't even write how amazing this place is. The photos do not capture the beauty and peace of this place. If anyone wants to come to Copan, I would recommend this place as a wonderful place to lay your head. It overlooks the city of Copan and also the Mayan Ruins. Being here gives you a sense of the past. Like the spirit of the ancient culture is still strong here.

hacienda san lucas 18The kitchen just recently had electricity run into it. These wonderful Mayan women work in the kitchen making the meals from scratch each day with the freshest foods. They even make the corn meal by hand for those yummy tortillas and tomales It gave Papa and I a lot of inspiration. A perfect setting. We want to move here so badly.
We are going to a coffee finca (farm) and horseback riding all day today. Hopefully another amazing day. There is so much to see and do we could take another 2-3 days here for sure.

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