Monday, July 17, 2006

Day 6- Arrival in Copan Ruinas

We spent last night (Monday) in a crappy hotel in SPS. I don't know what I really expect out of hotels here. In comparison, it was no different than many others here and a lot nicer than most, so really, I need to get off my high horse and just deal with it. It's mostly tied into the fact that I really don't care for the city. It is so congested and there is an uneasy feeling when I walk down the street. It is just in general not comfortable to me. Maybe it's the stares I get because I stick out so badly. Or maybe that's just me being self conscious that I stick out. But we did go to a birthday party last night in a gated community. It was really nice. I told Papa that I would want to live in a place like that if we had to come to Honduras. But it is hard to imagine even that. I have images of me and the kids being holed up in the gated community because I'm too damn scared to leave.
I woke up this morning and the little amoebas or bacteria had decided to take up residence in my gut and boy did they make quite the appearance. I tried not to cry and then I tried not to laugh. I suddenly was rewinding in my mind everything that had passed my lips since I had arrived and really...It could have been anything. I wanted to blame Papa for pressuring me to eat and drink. Telling me to just brush my teeth with the tap water b/c I'd be fine just as he was fine. Maybe it was the ice in the pop I drank last night at the birthday party...who knows! But I was surprised b/c I felt okay...after my intestines were emptied.
We got on the bus to Copan Ruinas this morning. It was on time as expected. The ride was breath-taking. So beautiful. Rolling green mountains twisting and turning with lots of peeks and valleys.
So here we are. This is where I can see us living. A feeling came over both Papa and I as we arrived. We both were saying it. Both looking around imagining our lives here, our children here. We are talking much about so many things. We didn't waste any time and already found out where the bi-lingual school is and went and spoke to a realtor. I can only imagine living in this paradise.
casa de todo 1 We stopped at a small shop called Casa de Todo and Papa had a coffee and I had an all natural homemade yogurt and a mango that fell from a tree. Papa says fruit tastes different when you let it ripen on the tree rather than force the fruit to be ripened on the shelf. It was like candy it was so sweet. This shop has everything. Internet, souvenirs, laundry service, printing services, and more. Hence the name- "House of Everything".
The first impression we have is that this is simply the most perfect place. Children walking freely in the streets. I can only imagine Sister Sprout walking with her friends after school in her uniform! I love the thought. I know that there is no perfect place...but so far we love it here.

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