Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brother's Snowy Welcome to MN

We arrived in MN a month ago now, but I am just now getting photos onto the computer. We had told Brother that there was snow at grandpa and grandma's and when the plane was landing he was asking where the snow was. He wanted to see it! MN had just gotten some snow a few days prior and even though much of it had melted, there was enough to play in, in the front yard.

We arrived late at night on the 12th of March and brother was knocked out asleep in the car before we probably made it out of the airport and he didn't really wake again until morning when he jumped on Sister's bed, pulled apart the blinds and began to exclaim to his big sister, "Hey!! There's snow outside! There's snow outside!" Within minutes, the bundling up and pulling out of snowpants and boots began so they could get out the door to play in the last of winter's snow together. Notice in the photos his big red gloves. We had to source some that were more his size soon after this.

There was a heat wave a few days later and all the snow melted. MN had a few more cold days with some dusting of snow since then, but nothing you could play in. I'm glad Brother got a chance to play in the snow! I feel confident that there probably won't be any more snow until winter again. The forecast tomorrow (April 23) is windy with a high of 82...though we had a little sleet on Monday (April 20) and I did see a few stray snowflakes blowing around too. That's MN weather for ya! (Can you hear my MN accent getting stronger?)
On the flip side, I've heard it's been unbearably hot in San Pedro Sula. I've had more than one person - including my husband - say that I should be glad I'm not there.

A little snow fight action

Having a taste. Crazy kids.


Laurie said...

Yes, it's hot in Honduras. Even in Tegu, it's plenty hot. Could you send a little snow, please?

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

Sounds like fun!