Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Shower

Baby Shower, originally uploaded by Honduras Sprout.

I was invited to a get together for two of my friends (the two on the left) that are leaving Honduras soon to return to the states. I was happy to go and make some time for them since my D day is getting close and I just didn't know if I'd get a good chance to say goodbye to them in the next few weeks. I walked in and what did I see? A baby shower! For Moi!

I had no plans to have a baby shower. I figure this is my 3rd child and it's not as common to have a baby shower with each child born after the first. I tell ya, though. I think I needed this time to get together with other ladies to talk and chat about all things baby, birth and beyond. It's helpful to share stories and experiences. This helped calm me and filled me with a sense of support. I think this is the best reason to have a baby shower with each pregnancy because each one is different and can bring it's own kind of worries and anxiety. Before everyone left we were able to pray for baby and the Sprout family too together.

I know these ladies from my church and I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have people like them here in Honduras. They made me feel pretty special.


Cindy in California said...

How Special! I am so glad you got this support and time with these women. I hope the time passes easily until you deliever and pray you have a safe, uneventful delivery and a healthy, happy, sleep-through-the-night-quickly little girl.

MS.PENA The American said...

i know you are so happy to be in a place where you have friend at time when you need then i am so happy for you

Kelly said...

How exciting it is to be surprised and blessed. I'm happy for you. God meets us where we are,huh?

chicadedios25 said...

I am so glad your friends were then when you needed them. God always provides,doesn't he?

ginger said...

wow that sounds like it was a really good time! i have followed your blog for a while now and i remember when you found out! man does time fly by. Congradulations! i cant wait to see her! Best wishes. god bless