Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Family Visit

We said goodbye to some of Papa's family today. My sister-in-law (center), and two cousins. My sis-in-law grew up mostly in California but moved to MN a few years ago to try it out and liked it so much she stayed! The other two cousins still live in California. Unfortunately, we had so much rain here that it made things a little more difficult to get out and see and do things for them. It's always a funny feeling saying goodbye to people from the states and sending them off at the airport. It feels strangely odd to me and is another reminder that my home is in Honduras and I'm not getting on a plane to go "home". None of the girls had been to Honduras in about 13 years. Hopefully it won't be that long again before their next visit. Their trip mainly consisted of visiting family in the San Pedro Sula area, but they did take a few days for a fun trip to Copan Ruinas and said they had a really good time.

Another event that took place the past few weeks was that it was Papa's birthday. We celebrated with some family during a family get together and a cake. It was a very nice day that was mostly overcast, rather than the drenching rain we'd been having. Here are a few photos:
Papa got Brother with the frosting.

My little man enjoying his cake while watching the men play soccer

My sister-in-law next to one of her brothers. This trip to Honduras was her first time meeting him in person.

The girls showing the baby some love.

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