Friday, October 03, 2008

A Game For Brother

Now that we're back in Honduras that means that Brother and I are home A LOT of the time. This requires me to try and be a little creative in finding things to do. We don't have a house full of toys or books and going outside is not really the best option (heat, bugs). Brother is old enough to start playing games. What toddler doesn't like the memory game? Here is the picture of my homemade game. I glued two pieces of white stock paper together. Drew some simple images then colored them with some color crayons. Brother and I have played lots of games now and he's starting to get better at taking turns and understanding that his turn is over even if he didn't find the match. I love seeing his face of excitement when he finds a match. His expression is wonderful and makes me feel happy.

Starting next week, Brother's and my schedule is going to change and will offer more opportunities for Brother to learn and play. He is starting pre-school during the hours that I am going to be taking Spanish classes.

It should be interesting to see how things go the first few days. He's not been in daycare or away from a parent or family member in a long time. The pre-school is also supposed to be the first introduction to English for most of the kids, but we are going to ask them to also work on Spanish with him.


Anonymous said...

He looks like such a doll! Best of luck to both of you starting your new classes!


aighmeigh said...

Just out of curiosity, how have you decided to teach your kids as far as language is concerned? I have a two year old daughter an am moving to El Salvador at the end of the year (which is my husband's native country--and current country of residence). My thought is that we would work on English first, since she'll be living in a Spanish speaking country, but I have no clue how that will work in reality. Any insights from someone who has experienced it first hand?

Good luck on those Spanish classes--I'll definitely have to be looking into taking some of those soon myself :)

Honduras Sprout said...

aighmeigh- that is a good question. I'm not sure I have a definitive answer. We have decided to speak English in the home with bits of Spanish help from my husband (and friends and family here too). We had reasoned that our kids will get Spanish at school and "on the street". But, the only thing I now realize is that because the bi-lingual schools teach about 80% English, I am not sure how that will effect his speed at learning Spanish. The verdict is still out. I might have more insight in a few months after Brother has been in school for a while.
I think too, my adult brain still has a hard time comprehending learning another language without a lot of work and effort the way kids can.

Steve Smith said...

I believe and have practiced with good success that it is the mother tongue till age 5 or so and the 2nd language after that. Mine started in Spanish and English later. At 7 or so they only speak to me in English.

Just being in a Spanish society they'll pick it up without effort.

Canexicana said...

Sprout Mama,
Waiting for an update! How are classes going for you and the little cutie?