Monday, May 26, 2008

My Girl Dances The Punta

In Sister's 4th grade class they have divided into groups to present different cultures. Sister's group is presenting the Garifunas. Sister loves to dance and so her and another girl volunteered to present the style of dance known as Punta.

Here is a video of the girls practicing and of course little Brother had to get in on the fun. The kids looked adorable but I have to admit that Sister didn't do too bad for a little gringa! I told sister I was going to send the camera to school so her teacher could take another video.


Anonymous said...

That is too cute! We all loved watching the little doing the punta! Thanks for putting a smile on our face today!
*Yes, yesterday was Memorial Day in the States!

TN Girl/Olancho '09!

Honduras Sprout said...

Can you believe I forgot to put the memory card back into the camera when I sent it to school with Sister! I really wanted a video of her dancing at school too. She said it was great and everyone had fun dancing. I'm so glad she feels good about herself! Proud of her.

I'm glad you liked the video, Angela!

Anonymous said...

hello sprout family~ I have commented you before about my trip to honduras and i have a blog, but i dont keep it updated, but i really enjoy following your blog because it keeps me updated on what is going on in my fiances "patria" and how it is to live in SPS! I love punta, me and my fiance go dancing and he is always so good a that type of dance. Sister does great! I am an ESL Educational Assistant and speak fluent spanish and i was wondering how sister sprout was doing on her spanish. These things really interest me because i work with children who are learning english and i would like to see how it works the other way around. I really enjoy your blog and i love seeing your pictures from around SPS because it reminds me of my triP! take care:-)

Karine and Tom said...

Wow- She's got some great moves! We really enjoy your blog. Thanks for the entertainment!