Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stuffed Truck

Stuffed truck, originally uploaded by Honduras Sprout.

This is a truck heading for the plastic recycling center. You can see the center on the left in the photo. It's the white building. Trucks of all kinds will carry as much plastic pop bottles as they can and drop them off for some cash. How high they can stuff the trucks is most often an interesting feat in defying gravity. As you can see the truck is literally being run into the ground. Also note the puff of exhaust. There is no exhaust regulations or clean air act in Honduras. At least they recycle.

I also posted this at my other blog the San Pedro Sula Daily Photo.


Laurie said...

This is awesome, Ms. Honduras Sprout. I lived in Comayagua, and now I am in Tegu. This totally captures the spirit of a truck load. You may so no, but I would love to borrow your pic for my blog, and of course, I would give your the credit so people could see the original genius at work.

Laurie said...

Oh yeah, you can email me with your reply or check out my blog at laurieishere.blogspot.com

Honduras Sprout said...

Hi Laurie! By all means feel free to use the photo. I like sharing. I don't feel my photos are art quality, but I like to try and capture interesting photos to share.

I was just in Comayagua and Tegus this last weekend. I LOVED it. Mainly the weather. It was much more tolerable for this hardy MN native.