Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Naptime for Brother

I know I have been a bit behind on updates from the Sprouts in Honduras. But October is proving to be a busy month with both my parents and Papa's mother visiting! I will try to catch up soon.

But until I get some good posts written, here is a cute video I took of Brother a few weeks ago while he was eating lunch. He thinks I am taking his picture and is trying to keep a smile on his face and his eyes open! You can tell it is somebody's naptime.


Catracha at heart said...

WHAT a cutie!! LOL. I hope he wsa able to take a nap, LOL. Can I say he has the prettiest big brown eyes.
I hope you are enjoying all your visiters.

johnpleddy said...

haircut--bring pictures

whole wheat flour---we buy loves of whole wheat bread--Panaderia Moderna. maybe they sell the flour. i'll check around.

Megan said...

OMG how cute! I second what Jennifer said, gorgeous brown eyes he has!

He looks quite tired lol :)

Thanks for your comment about the soda, and NO you are not weird lol! I like diet too and was doing good with drinking diet like 1-2 times per week but now with this housekeeping job I have soda everyday, sometimes 1-2 times a day! I try to just limit it at lunch though. It sure tastes good though...but I must also say that I drink LOTS of water too lol! :)