Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wings To Fly

I have to be honest. It's getting closer and closer and I am really getting scared. Excited, but scared too. I'm scared to leave the life I know and the comfort of "home". I worry about being so far from my friends and family and that I can't be right there experiencing life with them. But my heart is being pulled in another direction and when I'm with him, I feel "home" there too.

There has not been a day that I've felt like I wanted to turn back. Even from the day we found out that Papa would have to leave the US. I had tried many times to turn around...walk away. It seemed like the "logical" thing to do. But it's not what my heart wanted. I couldn't imagine my life without him. I know God has a plan for us and has been leading us all along.

I could go on and on, and I don't know why I'm posting this. But I want everyone to know what's in my head about this whole ordeal. It's been a crazy adventure and I'm sure it will continue to be. I am looking forward to the challenge and sharing my life with Papa without a mountain between us. I feel like I'm at the peak of the mountain now and ready to take flight.

Forgive me for sharing this sentimental song, but you's a beautiful song.


Katrina said...

I cannot claim to understand everything you are going through with your move, since your circumstances are very much different than mine were, but one thing I do ¨get¨ is the moving to another country and leaving behind ¨home.¨ Nerves are normal, since you are leaving behind everything you know.

Fortunately, in my experiences, it does not take long until the new place is also ¨home,¨ and you won´t be able to imagine not being there. And also, fortunate for you, you are not in this alone.

PS. I looked at the pictures of your children and they are gorgeous!

Josie said...

You can do it Mama Sprout. Spread your wings and fly!

Evelyn said...

I am also pulling for you...I'll be starting a very similar adventure very soon. God does have a plan.

Honduras Sprout said...

Thanks for the nice comment! I am nervous about moving, but seem to be more scared about leaving the people I care about behind. It makes me sad when I think about things I'll miss. Thank goodness for technology. It makes the world a lot smaller.

Josie- I love you, girl. Thank you.

Evelyn- Do you have a blog? I am glad to have found support and resources on the internet. It's great to hear about other peoples' experiences.

Sra Banegas said...

I can totally relate to how you felt. When this thing happened to Daniel, it really seemed logical to me too, to break away and basically move on. But just like you, I couldn't. My heart wouldn't let me. I cannot picture myself without my husband either.

However, I cannot relate to the moving part...YET. You're right. God DOES have a plan. He's leading us both in the direction He feels is best for us.

Who knows? I could be moving there next. It's all up to what God feel is best for our future!