Wednesday, March 07, 2007

La Clase de Espanol

Honduras Sprout #2 had her first weekly meeting with a Spanish tutor. She also has Spanish class in school one time per week and to really drive things home, we have arranged for Tia (aunt), Papa's sister to meet once a week to just read and have some casual Spanish conversation. With all of this, I think she will be better prepared for the move in June and then being able to start school at the end of August.

HS #2 is not the only one having to work on her Spanish. Mama has to do some work too. I start my Spanish classes next month. I'm terrified I will never learn to speak.


suzy said...

You'll amaze yourself. You've got the desire, and soon you'll be surrounded by it. Just think: the same way that you start picking up a southern accent when you're hanging around someone from Texas-you'll fall right into the rhythm of Spanish-como si nada!

Ranty said...

I agree, you will learn quickly while living there, and your kids will learn even faster than you!!! You'll be amazed.

!Vaya Pues!

(or as your husband might say it: "ba puesh!")


PS. This is Connie, posting under my NoMpls blog ID... as opposed to my Honduras blog ID. (Long story, I hate blogger.)

Honduras Sprout #1 said...

Oh my gosh Connie! Nice to hear from you :O) That is true. Saying good-bye on the phone he says that with a whole slew of other cut-off words.