Saturday, February 03, 2007

Art Shanty Projects On The Lake

I love MN. I'm going to miss this state when we finally move.
Living in the arctic is not always easy and it's definitely not fun a lot of the time and can often be quite dangerous ; but Minnesotans just know how to role with it and find cool ways to make the best of difficult conditions.
It's going to be a high of about 0 degrees today. I just looked at the current temps (7:30am right now). It's -13 degrees F. Hmmm..... I just can't risk bringing the kids out in the cold. If it was say...about 20 degrees, we'd be out on that lake all afternoon.

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Josie said...

Ha! I love seeing your snow pictures! I miss home a lot looking at them and only now realise how much I love the winter season. Opposite seasons is definitely something to get used to. Wait until you have a summer Christmas... it's not the same whatever the locals tell you!