Friday, January 26, 2007

Return to Mpls from FL

To top off my crazy events getting to FL, the events continued on the way home as well.

I board my flight expecting a rear window seat where I could cuddle into the window and take a long snooze. As I approach my seat a flight attendant asks my seat number and then she asks if I would give up my seat to a mother so that she could sit by her child. They offer me unlimited drinks, food whatever I want...I'm thinking, how about a massage??? They ended up giving me a $10 coupon for food at the airport.

The seat they wanted to move me to was a center seat, but an aisle seat opened up. I was completely comfortable and the flight crew still was trying to bend over backwards for me. It felt a little silly for them to act like I did some great thing...

I'm not a fan of Northwest flights, but I'll tell ya...this kinda warmed my feelings for them just a hair.

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