Friday, November 24, 2006

Burning In My Throat

A nice lady calls me a few Sundays ago interested in the house. We set up an appointment and she comes to see the house. She gushed over the house and talked about her gardens that she was already planning. A first time homebuyer so a little nervous and unsure what the next steps are. I connect this buyer to my lender I've been working with and he runs with it. I mean he really runs with it. He finances her for well over the asking price of the home and of course they talk about needing money for home repairs and such.
Now if I were a buyer and I see this big dollar amount and I'm told I can remodel the kitchen, replace things, etc, etc- why would I want to do all that work? I'll just take my big whopping qualification letter and start to hunt for a home that does have all the things I really want but don't have to have the headache of doing.
So it didn't take long for the buyer to start to back-peddle on really wanting the house. Her family advises that she look at other houses just to make sure my house is really what she wants. I get the call on Wednesday from my realtor of her plans to look around. My stomach bottomed out. I wasn't sure if I wanted to yell, cry or go eat a bucket of ice-cream by myself. I called my lender feeling rather steamed that he over-qualified her in the first place.
I get mr lender on the phone and he right away says he heard my buyer is getting squirmish but ms realtor has a handle on the situation. Mmmm-mmmm. Then he proceeds to ask me if I want him to close the deal by telling a buyer they only qualify for the asking price of the house. Hell yeah!!! What kind of assinine question is that? I can barely contain the bile coming up and thankfully he has to go b/c all his phones are ringing at once. But not before he had told me he's working with one of my previous buyers on their next big nice house they got over qualified for. What?? So mr lender loves to hear himself talk so much he basically lets me know he's making money off of me thinking I may be too slow to figure that out. I could tell he knew he said too much b/c he started rattling off stupid lender jargon which was giving off steam it was such fresh bullshit and then rushes off the phone saying he'll call me back when he's got a minute. More bile burning my throat. He didn't call back. Even if he had I wouldn't have answered my phone.
Honestly I didn't feel like talking to anyone I was just sick enough about it.

Driving on my way home I get a call from my estranged brother-in-law on Bryan's side...hmmm? This was a surprise. I thought something must be wrong for him to call so I answered my phone. Turns out that he by chance is also a mortgage lender and he has a prospect for my house.
So here we go again...I'm still on this rollercoaster. When will this end??
As of tonight they say they want the house. Could this be it? Can I get off this ride now? We will see...

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