Thursday, July 13, 2006

On My Way


Standing in line at the airport and no one from Delta is here checking people in. Got here at 4am. They tell you to be here 2 hours early. Obviously they didn't anticipate a need for 2 hours. Wonder if folks were waiting here for a an hour? Jeez.

I'm hungry. Forgot to eat. But also have that anxious feeling in my stomach so not sure what I'd eat.


grabbed a muffin and a juice and sitting on the airplane next to a group of kids going to Jamaica for a mission trip. Most are young teenagers flying for the first time and they are all chomping on gum.

I'm calm and relaxed. But wonder how it will be just before I land.


I love sitting on the emergency exit. So much leg room. Sitting next to a man who has been traveling to Honduras for many years. He is giving me many tips and advice.

I need to figure out how to fill out these immigration forms and they are all in Spanish. Hello! I don't speak Spanish!! What am I going to do.


Touchdown. The airport is about the size of the HHH airport in MN. It's pretty new. The old airport is next to it and it looks like a drive-in restaurant compared to the new one.

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Anonymous said...

How did you fill out the papers??